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The size of chocolates

Number Sense Geometry Math and Food Holidays and Annual Events
In this activity students assume that all of our pieces of chocolate are about the same thickness and proceed to approximate their volumes by comparing only their surface areas.  Consider sh...

Someone ate my cake

Number Sense Math and Food
In this fraction operation and representation activity, students are asked to decide how much of my cake was eaten. Using fraction multiplication (or angle measure if that is where you need an act...

A&W's bigger burger

Number Sense Math and Food Ratio and Proportion
 A&W offered a bigger, tastier burger but it didn't succeed in grabbing customers away from the hugely popular McDonald's quarter pounder. The A&W third pounder...

Gauss and our star of stars

Number Sense Geometry Math and Art
How many stars are in this image and how did you count them? For Adventurer members we have a teaching suggestions and our solution sheet.

What time should I wake up?

Number Sense Math and Food Holidays and Annual Events
I'm going to surprise my mom with breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. She wakes up pretty early. When do I have to wake up to pull this off?

February 22, 2022

Algebra Number Sense Current events
Why do you suppose we are posting this date as a topic for YummyMath? What do you think is so special about this date? Does this happen often?  When might a similar day occur?

Beijing Olympic Schedule 2022

Number Sense Sports Holidays and Annual Events Current events Data and probability
The Winter Olympics begins this week in Beijing. Wikipedia had this schedule of events. We think that there is a lot of information missing and apparent in this graphic. What can you tell, wha...

Will our U.S. flag change yet again?

Algebra Geometry Math and Social Studies Current events
How many stripes are in our present flag?  (The bottom right flag that has been in use since 1960; See the PowerPoint) How many stars? What do the numbers of stars and strip...

John Urschel, retired Baltimore Raven and Black mathematician

Number Sense Math and Social Studies Sports Current events Ratio and Proportion
John Urschel is a young man with several seemingly disparate characteristics and talents.  He is an athlete and a mathematician and he is a black man and a mathematician.  He loves what he...

Lots of pieces

Number Sense Math and Social Studies Data and probability
Brian has a lot of puzzles.  His family must love working on them. What do you wonder about his puzzles? What do you notice? Make an educated guess, about how many pieces are in a...
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