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A gorgeous, glittery card

Number Sense Geometry Holidays and Annual Events Math and Art
   Uh oh!  How do you find the area of a heart? Get your students to help you calculate how many sequins you'll need to order for this class project.

Pick-a-brick wall at the Lego store

Number Sense Geometry 3-act tasks Data and probability
There are walls at the Lego stores that are filled with individual Lego parts.  You can fill a bucket and pick out exactly what you need. Use this activity to get your students ...

Data on the National Mall sites (2 Activities)

Algebra Number Sense Math and Social Studies Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
Activity #1 - Look at the individuals who are memorialized on the National Mall and using fractions or percents decide what you can notice about those we honor. The activity is called "MLK...

Mom's matzo ball soup

Number Sense Math and Food Holidays and Annual Events
Passover begins this year on Wednesday evening, April 5th, 2023, with a Passover seder dinner. Passover is one of the three high holidays in the Jewish calendar and celebrates the Exodus of Jews f...

How many movies can you see in one day?

Number Sense
Robert Kaplinsky at robertkaplinsky.com shared this lesson idea with Yummymath. With plenty of days off from school coming up you plan to spend a day at the movie theater.  You want to s...
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