Who’s going back to school?

In this investigation students calculate the percentage of the U.S. population (current and historically) that are enrolled in K-12 schools. They are asked to draw conclusions from these variations. Finally, they use their calculations to predict the number of enrolled students in their own state.

A calculation of percent increase (or decrease) of earning power compared to education level is the final activity in this study.

Madden Glitch

It's the talk of the town. Madden video games have had some issues. Check this one out.

Here's one that has Le'Veon Bell seeming to fly from the Bear's goal line to the center of the field. Student's can admire Bell's skill, figure out how fast that leap was, and decide whether this play is even a function of time.

Perseid meteor shower

Catching a productive meteor shower can be a stunning experience.  On the evenings and mornings of August 11th and 12th there could be a very good show.  A nearly new moon will leave the night sky dark. Depending on the cloudiness of the evening, conditions are expected to be excellent.  Let students read charts, analyze data, work with percent of moon visibility at each phase, and understand apparent magnitude in the night sky with this activity. They can stay up for the show or wake up early?  Motivate them.

That’s a big tomato!

 Clicking on this image will show it larger in a new window.

Clicking on this image will show it larger in a new window.


These Aussi tomatoes (the tomato on the left of all of the tomatoes) are huge.  How much do you guess one weighs? Can you figure it out?

Only 10 cents for all-you-can-eat ice cream?

All the ice cream that you can eat for only 10 cents!  Wow, that's a great deal!  How great a deal was that?Cone

The history of the Dairy Queen franchise began with this ad in Illinois in 1938.  I know that 10 cents was worth more in the past but was it worth enough even then? How much would that all-you-can-eat ice cream special cost today?  

“Wild Boars” soccer team rescue – Incredible

Can you imagine being stuck in the dark for such a long time?  How do all of the numbers play out?

In this activity, students get a chance to talk about the experience of this ordeal while calculating usual rates and comparing those rates to the speed of the rescuers' and the boys' journeys.  A little geography of Thailand and its place in the World is part of the whole picture.