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2023 World Cup Cricket

Algebra Number Sense Sports
The Cricket World Cup is being played now (October 5 to November 19, 2023) in India. This is a complex game that is played with enthusiasm and humor. In this activity students learn about the game; ...

U. S. Open Tennis Tournament prizes have been awarded

Algebra Number Sense Sports Data and probability
The U.S. Open Tennis Tournament has just been completed. It is possibly the biggest tennis tournament in the world. We've updated our numbers and focused on the prize money.  As students ponder t...

Justin Verlander's lunch bill

Algebra Number Sense Sports Ratio and Proportion Any time math
In the 2017 World Series, the Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers and went on to play (and lose to) the Boston Red Sox in the finals. Evidently the population of Los Angeles held a grudge wi...

Jock tax 2023

Algebra Number Sense Math and Social Studies Sports Ratio and Proportion Any time math
Great professional athletes make a lot of money. Did you know that professional athletes have to pay an amazing amount of federal, state, and sometimes even city tax? Grant Williams, a Boston Cel...

Women's World Cup - How many matches are left?

Number Sense Geometry Sports Current events
The first round of Group play has finished and now the remaining teams start the second round of play. The teams have already played a lot of matches. How many? And, how many matches are left? ...

Lionel Messi, soccer star and influencer

Algebra Sports Current events Ratio and Proportion Wow factor
Lionel Messi is possibly the best soccer player in the world. How much influence does he have? Messi just shared an Apple TV link on his Instagram account.  The link takes you to Apple T...

How many baseballs are in this truck?

Algebra Geometry Sports Any time math
In 2017, Old Dominion Freight Line offered 2 free tickets to the next 3 World Series to the person who guesses closest to "How many baseballs are in this truck?". Alas, the contest ended on Au...

Can Joey and Miki do it again?

Algebra Number Sense Math and Food Sports Current events Ratio and Proportion
Updated !              The MLE - Major League Eating is a World organization that oversees speed eating contests. Entrants to the various competitions must be...

Souvenirs and concessions

Algebra Number Sense Math and Food Sports Any time math
Brian has introduced systems of equations with easy, motivating problems that deal with the cost of stadium purchases for food and souvenirs. These systems of equations puzzles are so intuitive that...

Triple Crown hopefuls at the Preakness

Sports Holidays and Annual Events Current events Data and probability
Credit: AP Photo/Garry Jones Saturday, May 20th 2023, will be the running of the Preakness Stakes thoroughbred horse race in Baltimore, Maryland. The Preakness is the secon...
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