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Earth Day Actions for Our Planet (April 22)

Algebra Number Sense Geometry Math and Science
Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik We have 16 activities that you could use for Earth Day! April 22nd is Earth Day. Help your students become activists for our planet?...

Will this be an El Niño winter?

Number Sense Math and Science Math and Social Studies Holidays and Annual Events Current events
The Oceanic Niño Index (ONI) started to show changes to the Pacific Ocean surface temperatures in April and May of this year.  Those temperatures are still rising which is a marker for the upco...

Huge Alaskan Vegetables

Algebra Number Sense Math and Science Math and Food Current events Wow factor Any time math
The annual Alaskan State Fair has just been completed. As usual, there were some amazingly big vegetables that won the agriculture prizes. Evidently, even though the growing season in Alaska is s...

Will the Barbie movie out-perform Avatar at the box office?

Algebra Number Sense Math and Social Studies Current events Data and probability
The Barbie Movie is still doing well in the theaters.  It has only been 6 1/2 weeks since its debut.  Do you think that it can out-earn Avatar?  Students study the numbers, recognize ...

The 8th billion baby

Number Sense Math and Social Studies Current events Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
How fast is the world's population growing? Will the world's population size increase indefinitely?  Are all countries' populations increasing at the same rate? What are some of the...

Time to make your prom clothes ... with Duck Tape

Number Sense Math and Social Studies Math and Art Wow factor
Larissa Leon, from Texas, in her gorgeous Duck Tape prom gown. If you are going to make your prom clothes then you should start soon ... and buy your Duck Tape. Crafty teens can make their ...

Iditarod 2023 – The Last Great Race on Earth

Algebra Number Sense Sports Current events Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
The Iditarod Dogsled Race will begin this year on Saturday, March 4th in Anchorage, Alaska. It is often called The Last Great Race on Earth because it is so long and grueling. Students ...

The Algebra of Magic Squares

Algebra Number Sense
Have you seen magic squares before? How could a teacher use these puzzles to help students with different number skills? How few blank cells could you leave? Are there any special cel...

Whole lot of cookies

Algebra Number Sense Math and Food Holidays and Annual Events Ratio and Proportion Wow factor
Jennifer Fairbanks from Hopkinton, MA sent us this picture of the cookies that she baked in 4 hours using 13 eggs and 5 cups of sugar. Do you see some math here? Do you have an add...
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