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Happenings at Yummymath

Op ed

November 25, 2016 I’m a retired classroom mathematics teacher but I have the luxury of teaching part-time in a local high school, Newton South, MA. When I enter the building there is often a student entering just before me. I…

Challenging Problems

I asked #MTBoS & Twitter in general for suggestions for resources with challenging problems (not lessons or activities, just problems), preferably searchable by CCSS or math concept/skill.  Many people asked me to share. Here is some of what I heard…

Rich, Real World Tasks – ATMIM Presentation

Here are our slides from our ATMIM Spring Conference Presentation.  We had a great time doing math and talking real world and rich task implementation with the group.  We will keep our users posted as to where we are presenting…

Nashville presentation

We had a great time presenting at the NCTM conference in Nashville this morning.  Here is a pdf of our powerpoint presentation.  Fun! RichTasksPresentation-Nashville,TN.pdf

More search improvements

We’ve recently improved our drop down menus to show more exact CCSS topics.  Hope this helps in your searches. Check it out and let us know what you think.  Thanks, Brian and Leslie

We’ve improved our search function.

We’ve reworked the accuracy of our drop-down menu choices so that when you pull down 4th grade (for instance) you get a good search of whichever 4th grade domain that you were interested in. Try it out!

Weekend Reading – September

I am an avid blog reader.  I find all sorts of new ideas and am refreshed about ideas that I realized in the past.  It always seems great to get a new or different angle on math ed topics.  Here…

Thank You!

We are excited to share some recent blog posts about Yummymath.  Enjoy what people are saying and how they are using our website and materials. Yummymath has Yummy Ideas!  A one to one classroom teacher describes the impact of using yummymath…

Free Resources for Authentic Mathematics

On Thursday evening Leslie and Brian spoke at Boston College as part of the ATMIM (Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts) Winter Conference.  Our presentation was on making mathematics meaningful to students.  We shared, did and discussed math activities…