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Whole lot of cookies

Algebra Number Sense Math and Food Holidays and Annual Events Ratio and Proportion Wow factor
Jennifer Fairbanks from Hopkinton, MA sent us this picture of the cookies that she baked in 4 hours using 13 eggs and 5 cups of sugar. Do you see some math here? Do you have an add...

Gauss and our star of stars

Number Sense Geometry Math and Art
How many stars are in this image and how did you count them? For Adventurer members we have a teaching suggestions and our solution sheet.

What time should I wake up?

Number Sense Math and Food Holidays and Annual Events
I'm going to surprise my mom with breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. She wakes up pretty early. When do I have to wake up to pull this off?

April Fool's Day fun

Algebra Number Sense Geometry Holidays and Annual Events Funny
This day is known for pranks and puzzles.   Try one of these 4 activities on April Fools Day. Ask students to analyze where I made my mistake.  PerplexingProblem.pdf CC...

February 22, 2022

Algebra Number Sense Current events
Why do you suppose we are posting this date as a topic for YummyMath? What do you think is so special about this date? Does this happen often?  When might a similar day occur?

Spider-Man continues

Number Sense Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
Spider-Man: No Way Home opened on December 17, 2021.   How much did it cost to make? How much will it gross? Is the Spider-Man phenomena a guarantee for success? How would yo...

Mystical Mathematical Mind Reader

Algebra Number Sense Data and probability
  Clicking on this image will take you to the Mind Reader online site at https://www.transum.org This activity can be used with any grade level elementary through high s...

What's interesting about this number?

Algebra Number Sense Data and probability
  Why did we put it on YummyMath today? What do you notice about this number? What do you wonder? Do you think that this happens often in a year?

Tree for Springtime

Algebra Geometry Math and Art
Here in the Northeast, flowers are blooming and trees are leafing out. We thought the creation of a tree that grows before your eyes might be akin to what is going on all around us. What d...

Will our U.S. flag change yet again?

Algebra Geometry Math and Social Studies Current events
How many stripes are in our present flag?  (The bottom right flag that has been in use since 1960; See the PowerPoint) How many stars? What do the numbers of stars and strip...
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