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Will this be an El Niño winter?

Number Sense Math and Science Math and Social Studies Holidays and Annual Events Current events
The Oceanic Niño Index (ONI) started to show changes to the Pacific Ocean surface temperatures in April and May of this year.  Those temperatures are still rising which is a marker for the upco...

Huge Alaskan Vegetables

Algebra Number Sense Math and Science Math and Food Current events Wow factor Any time math
The annual Alaskan State Fair has just been completed. As usual, there were some amazingly big vegetables that won the agriculture prizes. Evidently, even though the growing season in Alaska is s...

How much water should you be drinking?

Algebra Math and Science Math and Food Ratio and Proportion
As we are outdoors more and temperatures are rising, it might be a good time to look at hydration. A healthy requirement for fluids can't really be the same for everyone.  Surely the amount ...

Raising the bar

Algebra Number Sense Math and Science Ratio and Proportion
Recovery of the treasure from the 1941 sinking of the S.S. Gairsoppa was recently completed and a huge amount of silver was brought up from the ocean floor.  Let your students get a fe...

Cicada swarmaggedon

Algebra Number Sense Math and Science
Most of the life cycle of the Magicicada Septendecim is spent underground.  Then at 17 year intervals, these cicadas emerge from the ground, climb deciduous trees, molt into a...
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