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tags: 6.RP.1
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New baby giraffe

Algebra Number Sense Math and Science Ratio and Proportion
  Willow at Baltimore, MD Zoo Willow weighed 125 pounds at birth and was 6 feet 1 inch tall.  She will grow to her adult height of around 14 feet tall in only four years! How big wou...

Super Bowl cheesy pretzel poppers

Number Sense Geometry Math and Food Sports Holidays and Annual Events Ratio and Proportion
  Recipe courtesy of The Slow Roasted Italian A little more delicious work for the Super Bowl.  Students follow a recipe that involves "cutting the cheese" block, figuring how many se...

Flag Art

Number Sense Geometry Math and Social Studies Math and Art Ratio and Proportion
A little ratio art might be a fun way to get ready for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. In this activity (Flags) students measure; create whole number ratios for the official U.S. flag; decide h...

McDonalds moves towards antibiotic-free chicken

Number Sense Geometry Math and Science Math and Food Ratio and Proportion
   Recently McDonald's announced that by 2016 they will use only chicken raised without the antibiotics that are used in human medicine.  McDonald's plans to join Chick-fil-A, Pa...

The Euro and the international debt crisis

Algebra Number Sense Math and Social Studies Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
Lately the news is filled with talk of the Euro, US foreign debt, the fragility of European monetary systems, and the interdependence of all of these crisis. In this activity students become fami...
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