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tags: 6.NS.3
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How high can a gymnastic score be?

Algebra Number Sense Sports
Gymnasts have just successfully competed in St Louis, Missouri for positions on the USA Olympic team.  As you watch their performances don't you wonder how their scores are determined&nb...

How Many Pennies did Otha Save?

Number Sense Geometry 3-act tasks Data and probability
Otha Anders used picking up pennies as a way to remember to pray.  In this 3-act activity we try to estimate how much he actually collected and stored in 5 gallon water jugs. This ...

An ounce of cola

Number Sense Math and Food
Which is more expensive; gasoline? milk? or cola?  Students calculate the per ounce cost of each of these liquids in a story about a man doing errands.  After finding the per ounce price, ...

Cost of light bulbs - updated!

Algebra Number Sense Math and Science Math and Social Studies Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
There's a lot of misinformation out there about the cost to consumers of CFL and LED bulbs and the savings in energy and money that could be realized. Let your students "do the math" and realiz...


Algebra Number Sense Math and Science Math and Food Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
There have been a lot of cruise ship mishaps and disasters this year. While these are in the news, let your students consider how these floating cities manage their resources and which of their need...
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