Penny Wars anew

2023-11-20 09:44:45

Penny Wars anew

Act One: Check out all of the pennies! What questions come to mind? If you want the most money, which container should you pick? What information do you need to answer this question?  What assumptions must you make to solve this problem? 

Act Two:  Study and annotate the enlarged picture of the penny jars: close-up-for-students.pdf

Act Three, the solutions:  Image OneImage TwoImage Three

For Adventurer members we have this activity as a PowerPoint and the solution using volume.

Sequel:  Which jar could hold the most pennies?  How do you know?

Special thanks to Mrs. Mercado for the pictures of the pennies!

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Comments (2)
Admin - 2024-05-16 21:16:34
Hi @Jayme Caldwell, Thanks for using YummyMath resources to engage your students! Thanks for letting us know. We have updated the pdf and it should work now. Please let us know otherwise. Have fun!
Jayme Caldwell - 2024-05-03 22:30:26
I could not download the Teacher Tips pdf - is there a way to get access to this?
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