Holiday soda displays

2023-11-20 09:44:43

Holiday soda displays

The holidays are coming! We found these timely soda displays made up entirely of 12-pack of Coca-Cola products. What questions do you have? 

Start out the activity by giving kids 30 seconds to look at the picture and have them take a quick guess: How many twelve packs of soda make up the Santa or the Menorah?

Guess without calculating.

Come up with a reasonable range for the number of twelve packs.

Find numbers that are too high and too low.

Students in 3rd and 4th grade can focus on the picture in terms of area or arrays. No matter the grade level, your students might have many different methods for finding the number of 12-packs or cans in this display.  Let kids have an opportunity to find the number of packs or cans on their own and communicate their reasoning to others.  Depending on what you focus on, this task could work in 3rd through 7th grade classrooms.

As an extension, here are two more soda images to analyze. soda-snowman2nd-soda-santa

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