Happy National D🍩nut Day!

2024-05-25 15:26:37

Happy National D🍩nut Day!

 We have 2 activities to support this silly, but awesome holiday -- National Donut Day (June 5th) :

 How much have donuts changed?  

Students become familiar with the word "torus" and make sense of how its volume formula was derived. When you are working on volume in your class, you can use this activity for students who might like to find some other interesting volumes. Students also use algebra to make the "torus" volume formula work better for donuts.  How much actual cake is in a present day donut and how much have donuts changed.

 How many donuts is that? 

This 3-act activity lets students use relative size approximations to calculate how many donuts are in this giant Krispy Kreme box. This activity can address many different standards depending on solution methods and students' age levels.

"Donut hesitate, the math adds up on National Donut Day."

Image by freepik

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