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Typical Super Bowl scores

Algebra Number Sense Sports Data and probability
Updated for 2023! In this activity students study historical Super Bowl data to reflect on average (mean, median, and mode), losing scores, winning scores, and range of scores. They ...

Do teams that spend a lot win a lot?

Algebra Number Sense Sports Data and probability
In this activity students compare team wins with team salaries in the four major North American sports ... the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL.   Students use data from recent seasons to create scatter ...

Are original movies better than their sequels?

Algebra Number Sense Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
We've gathered some data on movie ratings and their sequels and asked students to analyze the data, decide on some analysis and debate (with their mathematical data) which are better ... the origi...

What does 95% confidence in the poll results mean?

Algebra Number Sense Math and Social Studies Data and probability
There have been a lot of polls about who will win the Presidential election. I get so confused when polling results are reported.  What is a 95% confidence measure? What's the margin of ...

Pixar versus DreamWorks

Number Sense Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
Animated films are a billion dollar industry.  The two biggest producers of animated films are DreamWorks and Pixar.  The two have been going head to head for more than ten years now. So h...

Season 12, American Idol

Number Sense Holidays and Annual Events Data and probability
Let your student study American Idol viewing figures over the last eleven seasons. Students compare historical season premier and season finale audience size in several different ways to determi...
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