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My 5/6 class enjoyed the luge and ski jump activities. Thank you! Amber Willett Carmichael

On May 22, 2018
First, I want you to know how much I have enjoyed using your website to address the learning needs of the Intellectually Gifted Students I serve. I have been fortunate to be in the middle of one of your lessons when in walks administration to conduct a formal observation. Administrators have been impressed by how your activities are timely and relevant. So, with that being said, I am retiring from the Clarksville Montgomery County School District effective May 23, 2018 after forty years of teaching. Thanks for offering this awesome resource to teachers. Again, I have loved using it. Take care, Alicia
Alicia Slayden
Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

After a classroom in the Fireland Schools of Ohio found an error in my counting (Soda Menorah) and let me know of the mistake, I sent them my thanks and received this in return ... "Thank you, Leslie!  Your reply is so important to them.  You made them feel very special and important...and smart!  I think it is so important for them to feel that they can tackle these difficult real life problems.  I told them they will never look at a soda display the same way again. Your site is wonderful!  I love to tell them when they are meeting 7th and 8th grade standards.  Today we did some Fibonacci coloring.  I can't wait to hang up the beautiful math art!"  Teresa Dempsey 12/4/15

This is so great! It is just what I needed for a Unit on dividing with fractions that I have been working on. I also think this can apply to number sense as well if you extend this activity to using other forms of measurement (i.e. a 1/2 or 1/3 measuring cup as well as a 1/4 measuring cup). This creates a problem solving situation where the students use number sense and their understanding of fractions to determine which measuring cup should be used.  Father's Day Blueberry Surprise    from Tiffany Kaywood

"Yummymath lessons are wonderful ways for students to explore, and learn about topics that may otherwise be boring or have no meaning for them. They allow students to think deeply about topics, and to apply new ideas to situations so that they can experience how the math they are learning can really be used. A great way to teach and learn."    Teresa Ryan, Math Teacher Vintage High School, Napa, CA

"Been using yummymath recently. Really excellent site full of interesting lessons @yummymath Can't praise it highly enough."    Dan O'Grady (@mathsteacherdan)   November 25, 2013

RachelDiephouse  "Another wonderful @Yummymath lesson. My 7th grade boys are now singing songs about potatoes. pic.twitter.com/E61AinBmOQ"    Rachel Diephouse (@racheldiep)   September 17, 2014

Check out the article: Yummy Math! Best Math Blog EVER - "Yummy Math is an absolutely fabulous blog/site dedicated to helping students and teachers understand how math is relevant to the world." - ILearn Technology

 Check out the article: Yummymath has Yummy Ideas by Education Shift. -  "An incredible resource that connects current events, sports, food and interesting topics to math lessons."

 About "Amazing Lego Fireman" - "I started my classes by showing the video, then taking questions that they had.  After doing the problem, there were still a couple of questions unanswered, so my students have decided to write a letter to Lego to ask their final questions.  Thanks for the great and engaging problem. These are students who try to sit staring into space all period usually.  The discussions and stories that came out of this were great, as well as the questions they had!!"   Teresa Ryan, Math Teacher Vintage High School, Napa, CA

 "I highly recommend @Yummymath to get started in math as it can be scary. They have meaningful real life situation aplenty #cmsk12chat - romain bertrand (@htdcompletely) June 5, 2014

The @CAMathCouncil ComMuniCator gives @Yummymath some love. Check out their awesome site at http://t.co/mdR3m4NlGP pic.twitter.com/pSNzeRbt1w - Robert Kaplinsky (@robertkaplinsky) May 24, 2014

Are You Ready for Some Football? Fantasy Football Math ProjectPosted on This week, we kicked off our fantasy football project in Pre-Algebra. This is my absolute favorite project! The kids get excited, I get excited, and we have a lot of fun competing against each other while learning to work with formulas and spreadsheets.

I used a Yummy Math activity to introduce the project and get my students used to how scoring in fantasy football works. I like how this activity walks students through a couple concrete examples and moves them to writing a formula. I changed the formula for the project this year to reflect the one used in this Yummy Math activity.

FantasyFootballSheetAfter students write a formula for total points, they are then given the total number of points a player scores and have to calculate another piece of missing data (such as passing yards). It was interesting to see the different strategies used by students. In the past, I would have felt the need to force them to write equations and solve equations, but today I felt it was best to let them use whatever strategy they decided to use. Part of the reason for this is we have not reviewed solving equations yet and another part of it was I wanted to build their confidence as problem solvers and allow them to try multiple ways to solve a problem. Some students used guess and check, while others broke the problems up into parts and solved it. I went around group to group to show them how they can use equations to solve it, and it was interesting to see which students took on the extra challenge and which kept working with the method they felt most comfortable using. I wonder if it is a maturity issue. Many of my students are still very concrete in their thinking and they may not see how an equation models the problem they are solving. All in all, this was the perfect introduction to our fantasy football project. The boys can’t wait for it to start, and neither can I!  -  Nick Romero, from Learning Everyday -


"Making mathematics relevant to students is a challenge that a lot of teachers face.Yummy Math could be a good place to find some help making mathematics relevant." - Richard Byrne, Free Tech for Teachers.


Thank You @Yummymath for the fantastic lessons and activities. We use them daily to meet the needs of our individual students! — Philip Thies (@PhilipThies) December 12, 2014

JamesStreet@Yummymath This is a great activity. Any day I can bring sports stats into the classroom is a good day. Keep up the good work! - James Street (@SpTeacherJames) April 25, 2014

@Yummymath "The football Pythagorean task worked awesome! Thanks! Kiddos were all engaged." - Dawn Frier (@BikeDawn) November 6, 2014

"Tomorrow we do my all time favorite math activity to do with students" http://t.co/Se1Bf3qpHr What's yours? #mathchat — J. K. (@problembased) September 23, 2014

"Used this worksheet on Algebra 1's first day and got some GREAT mathy discussions going. Thanks" @Yummymathhttp://t.co/WhsNakbozb -  Gina Mulranen (@gmulranen) September 18, 2014

"Tons of "Ah ha!" moments in class today. @Yummymath with another winning opener!" http://t.co/ys5tpLkXdt — Mike Del Greco (@MrDGmath) September 4, 2014

"Math teachers, if you haven't seen or used http://t.co/TqnqpmWt9y, you are missing out on some great 3rd-12th grade activities"  #TeamJXN - Stephen Doerr (@steve_doerr) August 27, 2014

FeliciaYoung@Yummymath "I love your activities. Real world activities to engage Ss. They are awesome and amazing. Teacher tested, students approved." - Felecia Young (@DreamMakersNC) October 12, 2014

@Yummymath "Love the Ghost Whisperer Task. Ss accused me of some kind of conspiracy until they used Algebra!"  http://t.co/vecv2ivpZX  - Nathaniel Highstein (@nhighstein) March 30, 2014

"Just joined @Yummymath . Best $16 I have spent for projects that are priceless in saving me time!" - katebrymom (@katebrymom) March 30, 2014

@Yummymath "My students loved the "ghost whisperer problem," as in wouldn't-leave-even-after-bell-rang loved it." - Robin Hosemann (@robinhosemann) February 25, 2014@campbellwells

"I’m a huge fan of @Yummymath. Great lessons and timely resources for #math." - Petra Willemse (@willewords) February 7, 2014

LauriGoudreault"Worked with the "Watson Save" problem from @Yummymath with grade 8's last week. Big hit with them! Thanks for the great resource once again!" - Lauri Goudreault (@LauriGoudreault) January 28, 2014

@Yummymath "2nd year doing the Harlem Shake activity during an observation, and once again I had great results!" #mathchat - Douglas Ray (@daray33) @Yummymath @Arubin98

"Brian Marks, my Ss can't get enough of problem-solving because of Lego man. Your site is good stuff!"  #engage109 - Rebecca Frase (@rfrase1) December 4, 2013

"Engagement is high when the math is real and involves Halloween candy. Thanks" @Yummymath #bsdvt #emsvt pic.twitter.com/EVzsPlCxsS - Laura Botte (@NiaLearns) October 29, 2013

@Yummymath "hi Brian! 6th grade. The Ss I have lack math confidence. Real W probs like this and the QB beard, Macy's parade, etc. Empower Ss." - Lori Barr (@LbarrBarr) January 31, 2015

"Love exploring @Yummymath for real-world math application and modeling examples! Plus connections to current events!" http://t.co/AgBf1PMTVZ - Greta Voit (@GretaVoit) May 23, 2015

NicoleUmlandI absolutely love this website! Thank you for creating and updating so many real world relevant math activities!"  Nicole Umland, Oct 29, 2015, Sioux City Community Schools