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Not enough mashed potatoes

Updated activity for Covid 19 appropriate Thanksgivings.
Students change decimals to fractions,
calculate ingredient measures for various-sized Thanksgiving servings,
explain their thinking in calculating these figures,
and judge how many servings could be created from 7½ pounds of potatoes.


TJ Watt was fined for roughing the passer.  Check out the tweet from Darren Rovell and engage your students in a familiar context for a classic percent problem – solving for the “whole.” JUST IN: @_TJWatt lost 38% of his…

How much can my DVR record?

How many hours of HD video can my DVR strore? How about SD video? I love my DVR.  I can record my shows and movies and watch them whenever I want.  I know that when I record HD programs my…

Losing team in the playoffs, 2015

Hey, the playoffs are about to begin.  The best teams from the leagues compete to determine the champion. Must be some really great teams! But wait, the 2014-15 Carolina Panthers made the NFL playoffs by winning the NFC South with a…