Tag: HSS-CP.B.9

Can I get your order right?

Updated! You can order a ton of combos at Chipotle.  They advertise that there are 65,000 ways to order their meals.  Do you think that is correct?

The Perfect Bracket

What are your chances of picking every game? How does the change from 64 to 65 to now, 68 teams in the field complicate things?  How many brackets would you need to fill out to pick every possibility?  How many reams of paper would you need to print all of those brackets?  Let’s do the math!   Also, check out the video below that explores your odds of picking all games in the tournament perfectly.

Stacking Jack

Act One: Check out the video slide show.  What questions do you have? The Activity: Stacking Jack Suggested Question: How many different ways can I stack Jack?  That is, how many different color arrangements are there? If I wanted to take…

QR codes ???

Your students have probably seen these images around and might not know why they are becoming popular for smart phone scanning … and possibly dangerous.  Students figure out the number of permutations of symbols that are possible with these 2-d…