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Mixing colors with food dye

What do you wonder about these recipes for coloring? What would happen if I used the wrong recipe (i.e. cake mix instead of egg dying) for coloring my eggs? Do all of the recipes (cake, icing, and eggs) have basically…

Population Clock

Click here to see the Population Clock bigger in a new window. How in the world does this clock conclude that there is a net gain in the United States of one person every 14 seconds?

Happy 14th B’ak’tun!

Clicking on this map of the Mayan territories will open it larger and in a new window Luckily, we’ve passed 12/21/2012 and the world is still here and we’ve made it into the start of the next Mayan calendar cycle…

Olympic schedule

I found this graphic online that should help me figure out when to try to watch an Olympic event on any day.  The chart seems a little confusing.  Can your students help me figure it out?