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Valentine’s Day (11 possibilities)

Parametric graphing, heart area, chocolate volume, making a heart-shaped cake, pie charts of holiday candy sales, how many cans in a can heart canstruction, where do all of those flowers come from, best deal on bagged candies, making a cardioid … Valentine everything!

Soda Menorah

Happy Holidays! This Soda Menorah was on display in a Florida Target store.  It is made up entirely of 12-packs of Coca-Cola products. What questions do you have? Start out the activity by giving kids a minute or two to…

The size of chocolates

Updated! Valentine’s Day is here again and that means candies and chocolate.  In this activity students approximate the volume (through finding surface area) of three different pieces of chocolate.  The chocolates are shaped like a heart, a bat (for Halloween)…