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Lionel Messi, soccer star and influencer

Algebra Sports Current events Ratio and Proportion Wow factor
Lionel Messi is possibly the best soccer player in the world. How much influence does he have? Messi just shared an Apple TV link on his Instagram account.  The link takes you to Apple T...

Big bucks 2023

Number Sense Sports Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
Updated! When soccer great, Lionel Messi played for Barcelona, he had one of the highest paid contracts of any athlete in the world.  He had a $674 million dollar 4-year contract. Canelo Álv...

Why isn't the World Cup happening now?

Algebra Number Sense Sports Current events Wow factor
The World Cup Finals is only played every 4 years but isn't it always in June?    The World Cup Finals 2022 will be played in Qatar from November 21st until December 18th, 2022. &nbs...

How does the pay for women's soccer compare to that of men's?

Number Sense Math and Social Studies Sports Current events Data and probability
 All soccer players on a team aren't paid the same.  The best players are paid more than the simply great players.  And in Women's soccer those same differences exist bu...

Leicester City Foxes - from underdogs to Champions

Algebra Number Sense Sports
Recently, to the surprise and elation of England and the world, the Leicester City Foxes became the winners of the British football association's Premier League.  What was the big deal?  L...
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