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tags: similar figure
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How many times bigger?

Algebra Number Sense Geometry 3-act tasks Any time math
Listen to students initial thoughts as they wrestle through what "bigger" means ... length? height? wheel-base? volume? [table id=10 /] Act One: What questions come to mind? How many times gr...

The growth of Godzilla

Algebra Number Sense Geometry Data and probability
Image from Kris Holt: http://www.policymic.com/articles/76357/the-scary-way-godzilla-has-evolved-through-the-years-in-one-chart The new Godzilla movie is out at theaters.  ...

Which TV is the Best Deal?

Number Sense Geometry
Check out the TVs.  All have essentially the same features, only the size of the screen varies.  Which TV do you think is the best deal? Explore area and unit pricing to determine which H...

Happy Birthday Statue of Liberty

Number Sense Math and Social Studies
Friday is the Statue of Liberty's 125th birthday.  Student's can practice scaling with ratios, multiplication factors, or similar figures as they engage in the news of the day, learn a litt...
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