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Shopping season already!

Number Sense Math and Social Studies Holidays and Annual Events Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
We used to see holiday sales right after Thanksgiving but, surprisingly, holiday shopping has already begun. Sales are advertised everywhere.  Students will be able to add some understanding an...

Which sale would you rather use?

Algebra Number Sense Ratio and Proportion
In this short activity, students decide if these two sales are the same. If not, which is better? How would you explain this to someone?

Are these really 70% off?

Algebra Number Sense Ratio and Proportion
We ran into this sale online. Is that advertisement correct?  Do they just want us to believe their math and not question what is really 70% off?  Is everything or...

Double Discount

Algebra Number Sense
   Wow, check out this sale!  I'm gonna be able to get this great hoodie so cheap!   If I use the promo code what will be the total percent off?

How did they figure these tips?

Number Sense Math and Social Studies Math and Food
  Act I:  This restaurant bill has the suggested tips, but they are smudged out.  What should they be?  Consider having students make a fast 5 to 10 -second prediction in th...

Which is the best deal?

Algebra Number Sense Math and Food Ratio and Proportion
How do you calculate and justify which deal is a better savings?  By dollars saved?  By percent saved? By some other measure? Looking at 4 different deals, students will need to...

An ounce of cola

Number Sense Math and Food
Which is more expensive; gasoline? milk? or cola?  Students calculate the per ounce cost of each of these liquids in a story about a man doing errands.  After finding the per ounce price, ...
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