tags: reading graphics

tags: reading graphics
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Total lunar eclipse

Geometry Math and Science Current events Wow factor
On the morning of November 8, 2022, many of us will be able to see the last full lunar eclipse until March 2025. Luckily, many of us will be able to see the eclipse pretty close to when we woul...

Refugees from Ukraine

Number Sense Math and Social Studies Current events Data and probability
We are hearing a lot about the war in Ukraine. Civilian Ukrainians are fleeing the war zone in order to remain safe and find food and housing.  How do these numbers compare with other tragic ev...

Beijing Olympic Schedule 2022

Number Sense Sports Holidays and Annual Events Current events Data and probability
The Winter Olympics begins this week in Beijing. Wikipedia had this schedule of events. We think that there is a lot of information missing and apparent in this graphic. What can you tell, wha...
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