tags: operations with fractions

tags: operations with fractions
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Not enough mashed potatoes

Algebra Number Sense Math and Food Holidays and Annual Events
Using his famous mashed potato recipe, Brian has asked students to change decimals to fractions, to calculate ingredient measures for various-si...

Hands of Support

Math and Art Ratio and Proportion 3-act tasks Data and probability
Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian sculptor, created and temporarily installed this piece of art entitled "Support" in Venice.  Quinn used his own children's hands to design this piece.  His in...

Population Clock

Algebra Number Sense Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
How in the world does this clock conclude that there is a net gain in the United States of one person every 14 seconds? Have a little care about younger children when using this activity. T...

Proposed southern border wall

Number Sense Math and Social Studies Current events Ratio and Proportion
You have probably heard about the proposed border wall that may go up along the U.S./Mexico border.  How much wall needs to be built? How much will that cost? What is that per mile? Per foo...
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