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tags: multiplication
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What me? Irrational?

Number Sense
We've found that some students believe that the approximation that their calculators show for irrational numbers is exact.  Here's an activity that you can advertise as long multiplication ...

Is my son going to win again?

Algebra Number Sense
  Brian son's pretty young but is he still going to whoop his dad?  They were playing Monopoly Junior.  Can you decide who will win?  In this activity use addition and/or multiplicatio...

What's wrong with this picture?

Number Sense Geometry Math and Food
We've gotten used to believing what we read or see advertised.  But sometimes the clerk doesn't get the sales discount right or something seems a little off. Let students ponder this store me...

Which TV is the Best Deal?

Number Sense Geometry
Check out the TVs.  All have essentially the same features, only the size of the screen varies.  Which TV do you think is the best deal? Explore area and unit pricing to determine which H...
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