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tags: division
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Happy Pi Day

Holidays and Annual Events
6 Activities for π day!  Click on the download pdf button at the bottom for the activities. For adventurer memebers, we have the...

Operation Gratitude – Halloween candy buy back

Algebra Number Sense Math and Social Studies Math and Food Holidays and Annual Events Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
This is a great idea! Motivate kids to get rid of all of that candy for a good cause. Operation Gratitude and dentists are encouraging healthy eating, motivated giving, and offering a goo...

Layla's antibiotics

Number Sense
  Layla The dosage of Layla's medication was confusing to our friend Kim.  How many days was she supposed to give Layla the meds?   How many pills does she need to cut into pie...

What's wrong with this picture?

Number Sense Geometry Math and Food
We've gotten used to believing what we read or see advertised.  But sometimes the clerk doesn't get the sales discount right or something seems a little off. Let students ponder this store me...

Father's Day blueberry surprise

Number Sense Math and Food Holidays and Annual Events
Sunday is Father's Day and there is still time to have a tiny fraction review in the guise of celebrating Father's Day. This is a short activity that asks students to change the amounts in a bl...
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