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tags: 6.SP.A
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Olympic Skateboarding

Algebra Number Sense Sports Current events Data and probability
We are very excited to see skateboarding as an event in the Tokyo Olympics.  Skateboarding is athletic, artistic and difficult to master.  Why has it taken so long to become an Olympic ...

Are original movies better than their sequels?

Algebra Number Sense Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
We've gathered some data on movie ratings and their sequels and asked students to analyze the data, decide on some analysis and debate (with their mathematical data) which are better ... the origi...

Everything is awesome: Digesting a Lego head

Algebra Number Sense Math and Science Data and probability
Recently scientists in the UK and Australia did a study for the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health to verify the time it takes for a small plastic object (Lego head) to pass through...
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