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tags: 6.MD
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Heating with wood - What's a cord?

Algebra Number Sense Geometry Ratio and Proportion Any time math
Do you know what a cord of wood looks like? What size stack is that? What's a thrown stack? What's the dog's name that is standing in front of the wood? How long can I heat my house with that much fue...

Effects of new MLB rules

Algebra Number Sense Sports Current events Data and probability
This year new rules have been added to Major League Baseball. Pitchers and batters are no longer allowed to "dawdle" or delay the game. The bases are larger. Now pitchers...

Beijing Olympic Schedule 2022

Number Sense Sports Holidays and Annual Events Current events Data and probability
The Winter Olympics begins this week in Beijing. Wikipedia had this schedule of events. We think that there is a lot of information missing and apparent in this graphic. What can you tell, wha...
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