tags: 6.EE.A

tags: 6.EE.A
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Do I have enough wrapping paper?

Algebra Number Sense Geometry Holidays and Annual Events 3-act tasks
In this problem based activity students first guess and then try to calculate whether they will have enough paper to wrap this present without taping pieces of wrapping paper together. Con...

How many delegates does each state get to send to the Democratic Convention?

Number Sense Math and Social Studies Current events Ratio and Proportion Data and probability
  Texas gets to send a lot more delegates to the July National Democratic Convention than New Hampshire does.  How do they figure out what each state's fair number of delegates ...

Greasing light poles

Algebra Geometry Math and Social Studies Sports Current events
The Philadelphia police were being proactive about keeping their enthusiastic Eagles fans from being reckless as they celebrated their 2018 Super Bowl win.  So, the police departments...
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