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tags: 4.NBT.B
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Mental math tricks - part 2

Algebra Number Sense Ratio and Proportion Wow factor
36 x 25 = 900     480 x 25 =12,000    924 x 2.5 = 2,310 Can you see any tricks for doing these calculations in your head? An editable Word docx, solutions/hints, and a PowerPoi...

Impress your parents at dinner

Algebra Number Sense
This activity is the first in our series on mental math tricks.  Let your students develop their own individual way of mentally multiplying by 0.5, 5, 50, 500, and so on.  We have a litt...

A gorgeous, glittery card

Number Sense Geometry Holidays and Annual Events Math and Art
   Uh oh!  How do you find the area of a heart? Get your students to help you calculate how many sequins you'll need to order for this class project.
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