Starbucks sales (Updated!)

2023-11-20 09:44:28

Starbucks sales (Updated!)

Time to give students some authentic math on a topic they will surely be interested in ... Starbucks!  We ask and answer a few questions in this activity.
  • About how many drinks does Starbucks sell in a year?

  • If I want to be health conscious, are there certain drinks that are healthier or less healthy for me?

  • How much does the type of milk or whether or not I get whipped cream in my drink really matter? Let students explore these questions, while they problem solve and reason with numbers in our Starbucks math activity.  You might also hand this activity to the health teacher at your school and let your students get an extra math class for a day.

And for adventurer members we have the updated editable doc and the solutions for this activity.

Download PDF Download Editable Files
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