Not enough mashed potatoes

2023-11-20 09:44:43

Not enough mashed potatoes

Using his famous mashed potato recipe, Brian has asked students

    • to change decimals to fractions,
    • to calculate ingredient measures for various-sized Thanksgiving servings,
    • to explain their thinking in calculating these figures
    • and to judge how many servings could be created from 7½ pounds of potatoes.

We've been given an extension to this lesson (The activity is called: It's all gravy)

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Comments (1)
Admin - 2024-01-28 14:55:51
Teacher feedback: Just finished this activity and my 7th graders loved it. They were so creative finding different ways to make 32 servings. Each student was trying to out-do the other with more complex use of serving amounts and proportions. Lots of fun! - Mrs. Keli Leunes, Math Teacher, PAAAS Plainfield, NJ
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