How many Smashburgers?

2023-11-20 09:44:40

How many Smashburgers?

Egad!   There must be a million ways to craft one of these burger! How many ways do you think that there are?

Act I - Study the menu image on the right and consider what sort of burger you would like and how many ways you could choose your ingredients. For toppings, you are allowed none, one, or any number of them. But for the bun, you can only choose one. 

Act II - Look for a pattern in calculating how many ways both for when you could have only one and when you could have any number of sauces, toppings, yummy, etc.

Act III - Show your conclusions to the class and compare answers. The reveal!

For Adventurer members we have a PowerPoint presentation to use in your class, an editable Word docx for the activity and solutions/teaching hints.

Thanks to Denis Sheeran, a New Jersey math educator and speaker, (reachable on Twitter @MathDenisNJ) for this idea.

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