Father's Day and Juneteenth; 3 Activities

2023-11-20 09:44:52

Father's Day and Juneteenth; 3 Activities

For Father's Day (Links to different activities)

  • Thank you Mother and Father for all of those diapers (2015) - Students compare the cost of buying disposable versus cloth diapers. They estimate how much they cost their parents in diapers and consider how much they will spend on diapers when they have a baby. There is quite a bit of scaffolding built into the activity for students who might have limited experience with linear relationships and equation writing. 

             CCSS: 6.EE.9, 7.EE.4, 8.F.2, 8.F.4, 8.EE.8, HS.F-IF.8.B, HS.F-LE.2, HS.F-LE.5, MP7, MP8

  • Blueberry Muffin Suprise (2013) - This Sunday is Father’s Day. I looked up a recipe for something that I’m sure that my dad will love and I’m going to surprise him. I’m going to make blueberry muffins. This is a short activity that asks students to change the amounts in a blueberry muffin recipe to multiples of and fractions of a ¼ cup measuring cup (multiplication and division with unit fractions) 

           CCSS: 4.NF.4, 5.NF.7, 6.NS.1, 7.NS.2

And Juneteenth

  • Juneteenth (2021) - You can appreciate why this is such an important celebration when you look at the painful stages and some of the events and dates as America moved towards abolishing slavery. In this activity students read about the various ways freedom was promised in America until finally, freedom was gained ... July 19, 1865.   
        CCSS: 4.MD, 5.MD, 6.RP, 6.SP, 7.RP, HSM, MP1
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