Leslie's socially-distanced party

2023-11-20 09:44:42

Leslie's socially-distanced party

I risked infecting my friends or becoming infected myself by throwing a very small socially-distanced party.  I served baked appetizers, disinfectant wipes, and latex gloves.  I cooked while wearing clean latex gloves and served the appetizers with a spatula.  The snacks had been baked in the my oven so I expected that any virus was killed by the baking. We have two activities dealing with social distancing.

How far away from the table should I set up chairs for my party of 5?

This activity (Social Distance Party) requires a little basic trigonometry as students calculate the necessary radial spokes of pentagram.

How many people could socially distance on my patio?

In this activity (Patio Distancing) students need only draw marks according to scale for individuals that allows for the 6 foot distancing.

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