Two to the … s


Let your students practice exponents, fractional exponents, and roots with this powerful assignment that asks them to compute impressive mathematics in their heads.

If you list the values of various 2 to the ... s

     2^8 = 256
     2^{12} = 4,096
     2^{14} = 16,384
     2^{20} = 1,048,576
     2^{28} = 268,435,456

then you can ask students to calculate all kinds of amazing math in their heads.  It's like magic!


\displaystyle \frac {1,048,576}{4,096}

or   \sqrt {268,435,456}


For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions.

two-to-thes2.doc       two-to-thes2-solution.pdf

Quadratic formula on your calculator

You can program your TI calculator so that a quadratic equations can be solved quickly by just plugging the X ² coefficient, the X coefficient, and the constant into your calculator.

Arrange your equation in this form:

AX² + BX + C = 0

Program your calculator according to the following directions.

And you are all set to solve.