Pythagorean Theorem

Use this activity to help your students discover the Pythagorean theorem.

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Pythagorean theorem work is often skill and drill work with contrived right triangle problems.  In this activity students work with a visual representation of the Pythagorean theorem in order to gain a conceptual understanding of the theorem.

Storm cleanup

leaning-treeThis activity could be used as an introduction to trig ratios.  Students figure out the approximate length of the huge branch that I have to fell for safety and firewood. After approximating the branch's length, they calculate how many logs I will be creating and the time it will take me to cut it up.

Video game download

How long will it take me to download the video game?

This can be done as a 3 Act Task.  To get started simply show the video and following picture to your class.

ACT ONE: I decided to download a couple demo video games from the Wii online store.  Both of the games are free demo versions that I download directly to my Wii console.  Check out the video and pic below:

It sure is cold out … or is it?

Students ponder the relationship between place latitudes and average January temperatures while they try to discover a correlation. Is this a linear or near linear relationship? … averaging, missing data for averaging, line of best fit, Google Earth, world locations, linear review, extrapolation …


Jeremy Lin is the New York Knicks most startling player.  His story is exciting in that he graduated from Harvard in 2010 and was not immediately drafted into the NBA.  At first he was playing in the NBA Development League (D-League) but has been playing in the starting line-up of the Knicks since early February.

All Star Game 2012

The NBA All Star game is being held on February 26th.  Did you know that this was the third major professional sport all star game in the last month. The Pro Bowl and the NHL All Star Game were also recently held.  MLB has their all star game, called the Mid - Summer Classic in July. In this activity we compare viewership all star games, championship games and typical regular season games in each of the four major North American sports.  How do the ratings of all star games compare to the championship and regular season games in the same sport?