Leaves are pretty but …

Brian has spent too much time thinking about his leaf raking. He's worried about doing the job alone and about how long the job would take with different numbers of rakers.

In this activity students see the inverse relationship between number of workers and time to complete the whole job. They graph hyperbolas and consider how long the extreme condition of zero people raking might take to complete the job.  

Ravensburger huge puzzle

This puzzle is gorgeous and HUGE!

Ravensburger says that if you spent 2 hours every day putting this puzzle together it would take you a year to finish.

What do you wonder?

Students surmise what the difficulty of a jig-saw puzzle entails and use rate calculations to estimate finishing times. They try to confirm whether doubling the number of pieces really increases puzzle completion time by a multiple of four.

5 Election activities

popwinnerloseselecvoteIs the Electoral College vote similar to the Popular vote?  The winner of the Presidential Popular vote (November 3, 2020) is not always the same as the winner of the Electoral College vote (January 6, 2020). In this activity students ponder how that could happen ... with data. 6.RP.A, 7.RP.A, HSF, HSS.ID.A

Is the system of having an Electoral College fair? - Students consider how districting can effect the Electoral college vote.  6.RP, 7.RP

270towinElectoral College versus the Popular vote - Students work on the relative size of each state's Electoral College vote numbers and how they are derived.  6.EE, 7.RP.A, 8.EE, HSG.MG.A, MP4

95% Confidence poll meaning - We've seen a lot of polls in relation to the upcoming Presidential election.  What does margin of error, standard deviation, and 95% confidence actually mean. 6.SP.1, 6.SP.2, 6.SP.4, 6.SP.5, 7.SP.1, 7.SP.2,HSS.IC.A.1, HSS.IC.B.3, HSS.IC.B.4, HSS.ID.A.4

14 activities for Halloween

How well can you predict your candy haul? - Students consider how to determine their best predictions of their candy haul.  The math ideas of measurement error and percent error are introduced.  Students then predict their own Halloween candy collection numbers and compare their predictions to their actual haul using measurement and percent error.

SheetGhostMake a ghost costume from a sheet - In this activity young students can reason about the potential of a sheet, cut in a very defined circular shape, becoming a Halloween ghost costume. Notions of head diameter, sheet length, less than and greater than will all come into their reasoning.

Vampire Bats

az_vampire_bat Ooooo. Scary!  This is a slightly didactic activity on vampire bats.  We've given lots of interesting metric and customary unit facts and asked students to relate those sizes to more familiar objects.  Simply enjoy the season with this slightly creepy activity ... metric and customary units, size and weight comparisons, and blood-sucking bats.

Candy deals






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We found big mixed bags of candy at really good prices ... we think.

Students are asked to decide which would be the best deal and the worst deal on candy.  They can also create their own mixed bags.  This activity has unit pricing, philosophy of candy collecting, and Excel if you would like to use technology.