National Donut Day

Friday, June 5th is National Donut Day.  We have 2 activities to support this silly holiday.

How much have donuts changed?  - Students become familiar with the word "torus" and make sense of how its volume formula was derived.

When you are working on volume in your class, you can use this activity for students who might like to find some other interesting volumes.

Students also use algebra to make the "torus" volume formula work better for donuts.  How much actual cake is in a present day donut and how much have donuts changed.

How many donuts is that? - This 3-act activity lets students use relative size approximations to calculate how many donuts are in this giant Krispy Kreme box. This activity can address many different standards depending on solution methods and students' age levels.

A socially-distanced party

I risked infecting my friends or becoming infected myself by throwing a very small socially-distanced party.  I served baked appetizers, disinfectant wipes, and latex gloves.  I cooked while wearing clean latex gloves and served the appetizers with a spatula.  The snacks had been baked in the my oven so I expected that any virus was killed by the baking.

We have two activities dealing with social distancing.

How far away from the table should I set up chairs for my party of 5?

This activity requires a little basic trigonometry as students calculate the necessary radial spokes of pentagram.

The activity: SocialDistanceParty.pdf

May 27th launch from the U.S. again

May 27 scrubbed because of weather.

Successfully launched Saturday, May 30th, 3:22 pm EDT.  Dragon is on the way to the ISS now.

Wednesday, May 27th will be a momentous day for space travel.  NASA and SpaceX plan to launch humans from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, to the International Space Station for the first time since July 11, 2011.

So what's the big deal? Why has it taken so long? What's new? Will you be watching?

Memorial Day 2020

Poppies in Flanders Field

This Monday Americans will celebrate Memorial Day.  Who are we honoring?  How did the holiday come about?  Isn't Memorial Day usually on May 30th?

Students learn a little about the history of the holiday, analyze the possibilities and patterns for when it is celebrated, and study the incredible numbers of deaths that have been caused by war. While trying to make conclusions and observations about the numbers, they can't help but appreciate the terrible cost of war and the gift that those that serve in the military have given to us and to our country.

Big beach towel

Since beaches are starting to open again, we thought this activity might bring smiles and hopes.

Act One: Check out this beach towel!  What do you wonder? What would you like to know?


Towel project by Misael Soto.

Miami artist, Misael Soto (pictured on the left below), created this giant art project to make a statement about people sharing territory at the beach.

In the morning he brings sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and games to share and ... lays out his towel.