Earth Day 2022

Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day - We have 16 interesting activities that support recycling, conserving resources, noticing climate change and protecting our planet.

Air Quality Index- The AQI is a measurement of how much particulate matter, dangerous ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide there is in the world's atmosphere at any one time and place. Students learn about the scale of the AQI and research some of the contributors for many unhealthy locations.

The shape of Louisiana - At what rate is the state loosing land and wetland?  Why is this happening?  Will Louisiana ever just disappear? 5.MD, 6.RP.A, 6.GA,  7.RP.A, HSF.IF, HSA.CED, HSM

Which car should I buy? Electric or Hybrid - Students create equations for finding the break-even points of these vehicles by mileage and years of ownership.  They then work with systems of equations to find the number of years or number of miles where the cost of these cars are the same.6.SP, 6.RP, 7.RP, 7.SP, 8.SP, 8.EE.C, HSA, HSS.B, HSN

April 15th happenings

It is tax time, the Boston Marathon, and Patriots Day.  We have 6 April 15th activities.

  • How long do you think the Boston marathon is? Make your best guess; how many people run it? Make your best guess; make an educated guess as to the fastest marathon time.  We've gathered a lot of great data and asked some sensible and some surprising rate questions. 5.MD.1, 6.NS.3, 6.RP.1, 6.RP.2, 6.RP.3, 7.RP.1
  • Eliud Kipchoge ran marathon in 1:59:40:2 - On October 12th, 2019,  Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon in Vienna in under 2 hours. He has now broken a barrier of what humans are capable of accomplishing. We wondered how record marathon times have changed through the years.  Will those record times keep being broken?  Does the data help you predict? 7.RP, 8.F, 8.SP,  MP1, MP4, HSM
  • How fast can you run? - This activity compares the best short and long distance record speeds as students learn the logic and mechanics of using fractional expressions for the number one to convert meters per second to kilometers per hour, etcetera. 5.MD.A, 6.RP.A, HSA

Passover, Spring, and Easter ideas (10 activities)

This year, as in the year that Jesus died, Passover and Easter coincide. Many scholars believe that Jesus died either one day before or one day after the 14th day of the Hebrew calendar month of Nissan (which is the first day of Passover). To learn more about the Hebrew calendar, check out our Hanukkah post at YummyMath.

We have 9 more timely activities for your classes before their spring break.

Dyeing eggs with food coloring - Students use the chart on the back of a food dye package to compare the divergent recipes listed for coloring a cake mix, icing, and dyeing eggs. They look for and create equivalent ratios and practice using the terms "saturation", "shade", and "hue". 4.NF, 5.NF, 6.RP.A, 7.RP

How big of a crepe can you make?

At Costco you can buy this huge tub of nutella.  It contains nearly 7 pounds of chocolaty-hazelnut spread.

We use nutella to make banana/nutella crepes.  How long will that tub last us?  Is it too big and we will have it in the pantry for years?  What if I made one huge crepe for the whole tub of stuff?  How big would that be?