Will this be a leap year?


Will we have a 29th of February this year?  How can you tell?

Students work with a flow chart to deduce what years are going to be leap years.  They learn about the exact measurement of a solar year and how our Gregorian calendar needs to be adjusted to accurately align the calendar with the Earth's revolutions around the Sun.

Do better movies make the most money?

Newly updated!

Do the "Best" movies make the most money?  How could you measure the "best" movie?

What information would you need to make this judgement?

Ten movies are nominated each year to receive an Oscar for the Best Picture. On February 26, 2017, this year's Academy Award winners will be announced.  This activity is always timely but should be very exciting during the movie award season in February.

In honor of Presidents’ Day find out about President’s pay

You can't run for President now, but heck, 2036 is right around the corner.


Being President of the United States will be quite an accomplishment and a ton of work.   But, how is the pay?  Does the job pay millions per year like the pay of some athletes, actors and musicians?

The table to the right gives presidential annual salaries back to 1789. There have only been 5 salary raises EVER for the president.  The president's salary is not adjusted annually for a cost of living increase.  An act of Congress is required to change his/her  salary (only his so far).Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 3.20.43 PM

So, how much should you expect to make as President in 2036?

Valentine’s Day activities

3-d-heart-cakeChocolate-raspberry heart-shaped cake - Students build a heart cake and use ratio information to find the quantities of cake and icing resulting from increased dimensions.

A parametric heart ... with loveExcelParametricHeart - Students use unit triangles and manually calculate sine and cosine of π/2, π, 3π/2, and 2π as they try to graph this great-looking, curvy heart using parametric equations.  We also have them create it using Excel, on a graphing calculator and with online graphing tools.

Which Sweet Heart candies are the best deal? - Students decide which quantity of Sweet Heart candies is the best deal.  Ratio tables, unit ratios, devising convincing arguments.

Sweetheart candies

Here's some more Valentine's Day fun.  How many dollars worth of sweet hearts candies are sold each Valentine's season?  What more could kids want than Sweetheart candies, problem solving, critical thinking, and number sense reasoning? Enjoy!