Calculator back-to-school sales

Here's an idea for a class opener using an overhead projector ... or not.

Let students practice the meaning of savings and percent saving as you show them each of our slides. Ask them to jot down their notes and calculations for each of the three sales items. Then let them discuss which offer might be their own best choice.

Slide1 = Texas Instrument calculator at Target

Slide 2 = CATIGA calculator at Walmart

Will I have enough stuff?

Thursday, Aug 10th, is National S'mores Day

 *** We have one new activity and one old one. ***

In my pantry I have one new box of Graham crackers, one bag of 6 full-sized Hershey bars, and one bag of marshmallows. Friends are meeting me at the beach for a bonfire and s'mores. What do I need in order to make enough sweet sandwiches with not too much left over?

The activity: S'mores.pdf

This shoe is huge!

Brian and his son were doing some shopping when he found this shoe.  Egad!  Could that be someone's real shoe?

In this activity student use a shoe size chart, patterns or linear modeling to try to figure out what size this shoe must be.  Then they try to estimate how tall this person must have been.  Whoa!

The activity: BigShoe2.pdf

Related CCSS: 7.G.1, 8.EE.6, 8.F.4, 8.SP.3, HSA.CED.A.2, HSA.CED.A.4, HSF.LE.A.2, HSS.ID.C.7

Lionel Messi, soccer star and influencer

Lionel Messi is possibly the best soccer player in the world. How much influence does he have?

Messi just shared an Apple TV link on his Instagram account.  The link takes you to Apple TV where you can subscribe and, for a fee, get an MLS Season Pass. The MLS Season Pass allows you to watch the entire major league soccer season.

How much did Messi's tweet change Apple TV's membership numbers?

It’s opening weekend for Barbie

This movie is supposed to be nostalgic, clever, funny, and wildly entertaining.

We've written an activity that lets students express their excitement (or lack of) in seeing this new movie, study the data of previously successful movies, and predict whether Barbie will be a financial success.

The activity: Barbie.pdf

CCSS: 4.NBT, 6.EE, 7.NS, 7.SP, 8.F, 8.SP, HS