Super Bowl Numerals

Updated!Super Bowl numbers are appearing again. As students start getting into the current Super Bowl hype, help them to understand the notation that the sports writers and advertisements are using. Introduce Roman numerals to your class.  In this activity students learn the rules for evaluating Roman numerals, decipher copyright dates, see how Roman numerals are used today, and do some strange looking arithmetic and surprisingly easy computation. 

Expensive Super Bowl ads


The teams are set.  Don't you wonder what a Super Bowl ad will cost this year?  Will the price for 30 seconds be more? stay the same? or drop?

2013 Doritos "Goat for sale" Super Bowl commercial

This year a one-half minute ad will cost 5.6 million dollars!  Can the price for 30 seconds continue to rise? Do you wonder how much one ad will cost in the future?

Students plot the cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad over the past 53 Super Bowls. How has the cost of a NFL Super Bowl ad changed over time? Has it grown linearly? Exponentially? or what?

Lunar New Year 2020 – Year of the Rat

Year of the Metal Rat

Lunar New Year begins on Saturday, January 25th. This will be the year of the Metal Rat.  The year name is a combination of 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches creating a sequence of year names that eventually repeat.

Students explore the least common multiple of two cycles without ever hearing the term LCM.  They explore some of Chinese culture and understand major significance of this annual event, while they “do the math”.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (5 activities)

Data on the National Mall sites - Two data analysis activities about the National Mall.

Who do we honor? - What people or events are included in the National Mall monuments? Students use fractions or percents to decide what they can notice about those we honor. 3.NF.1, 6.RP.3

Monuments most visited - Students analize the visitor statistics of the National Mall and make observations. 6.RP.3, 7.NS.3

Timelines for the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. - Students create one of two timelines about Martin Luther King Jr's life or the efforts in America to create a racial balance in the U.S. 3.MD, 4.MD, 5.MD, 6.RP, 6.G,  7.RP, 7.G

It’s Girl Scout cookie time again!

Totally new activity!

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Let your students talk about their favorite Girl Scout cookies as they figure out what the local GS chapter really earns from these sales.  Use this old graphic (where a box only costs $4.00) to figure out what part of the proceeds goes to the troop.  What is presently paid to the bakeries? Is there more to selling cookies than just earning dough?