Does a player’s draft order (NFL) mean a lot for the player?

Every spring, roughly 250 college football players are drafted by NFL teams through the NFL draft.  Team rosters, careers, and multi-million dollar contracts are on the line ...  This is one of the biggest days of a football players life.  Should a football player be overly concerned with where in the draft order they will be picked?  How much does where they are drafted effect their earnings?  How does draft pick selection relate to player contracts?  Check out the graph below:

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Earth Day, 2020 (15 activities)

Wednesday, April 22nd is Earth Day - We have 15 interesting activities that support recycling, conserving resources, studying climate change and protecting our planet.

Which car should I buy? Electric or Hybrid - Students create equations for finding the break-even points of these vehicles by mileage and years of ownership.  They then work with systems of equations to find the number of years or number of miles where the cost of these cars are the same.6.SP, 6.RP, 7.RP, 7.SP, 8.SP, 8.EE.C, HSA, HSS.B, HSN

The shape of Louisiana - At what rate is the state loosing land and wetland?  Why is this happening?  Will Louisiana ever just disappear? 5.MD, 6.RP.A, 6.GA,  7.RP.A, HSF.IF, HSA.CED, HSM

Stock Market headlines – Biggest losses since 2008

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This year the Dow Jones Industrial Average made headlines as it dropped in March and April.

The Dow is measured in points but this decline can also be measured in the percentage lost.  Which way was the Dow being measured when this headline was produced?  Which method makes more sense? Wasn't the initial value of the Dow much lower in 2008?

World record Snickers Bar

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In late January, workers at the Mars Wrigley plant in Waco, Texas created this giant Snickers Bar.  It won a spot in The Guinness Book of Records as the World's largest Snicker's Bar.

What do you wonder about this giant creation?  Let's explore the math with similarity, cross-sections and number of servings (equivalent number of mini-snickers bars).

Passover and Easter activities (6)

Giant Chocolate Bunnies - What can you deduce about the bunnies (pictured in this activity) from the descriptions given ... solid? hollow? cost per pound? cost per height? Anything else? 6.RP.A, 7.RP.A

Mom's matzoh ball soup - Let students review fractions as they triple my mom's matzoh ball soup recipe and try to change the recipe to create one giant matzoh ball. 5.NF, 6.NS, 7.NS, 7.EE, MP7, MP8

What is with this chart?

Something seems wrong ... I think.

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A fellow teacher, Laura Deschaines, saw this chart on the news the other night.  What do you notice?  Does anything seem amiss?  What should it look like?