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My teacher says this stream is parabolic. Is he correct?

…Excel or their calculator, and then use their algebra understanding to rearrange the equation into vertex form. Is the height of the stream where it should be? The Activity: turtle-fountain-grid.pdf For members we have an Excel sheet of the data, a Word doc, and solutions. stream-graph.xls turtle-fountain-grid.doc turtle-fountain-solution.pdf CCSS: HSA.SSE, HSA.CED, HSA.REI, HSF.LE… 0, 2

$10,000 a week or $10 million all at once?

…$10,000 compare to $10 million? Why is that important to consider in this problem? How do life-expectancies, taxes and investments factor into this problem? The activity: 10Thousand-10Million.pdf, updated! CCSS: 5.NBT.A.1,5.NBT.A.2, 6.RP.3, 7.RP.3,.HSF.LE.A.1 & possibly all the practice standards. This is activity is really accessible to student elementary through high school with varying depth of study. For members we have an editable Word docx and our solutions. 10Thousand-10Million.docx… 0, 2

The perfect bracket

…o print all of those brackets? Let’s do the math! Also, check out the video below that explores your odds of picking all games in the tournament perfectly. The math activity: Perfect-Bracket.pdf CCSS: 6.RP.3d , 7.SP.8 , 8.EE.3 , 8.EE.4, HSS.CP.B.9 , HSF.LE.A.2 For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. Perfect-Bracket.docx Perfect-Bracket-solution.pdf Note: The last problem in this activity asks students to determine how a math professor came up with a particular probability. We… 0, 2

How Much is a Tweet Worth?

…oportional and linear, this activity could be used in a variety of ways. We could assume the relationship is roughly proportional, meaning 6th and 7th graders could work in the realm of 6.RP and 7.RP with this problem. The data is extremely linear, almost a perfect correlation, so you could use this activity as a way to introduce linear relationships or focus more on building a line of best fit. The activity: Tweeting.pdf CCSS: 6.RP.3, 7.RP.2, 8.EE.5, 8.F.4, 8.SP.2, 8.SP.3, HSF.LE.A.2,… 0, 2

Albert Pujols … On Pace? 2013

…is his new reality? Then what records will he break? Albert_Pujols_on_pace.pdf For members we have a Word doc, an Excel sheet, and solutions. Albert_Pujols_on_pace.doc Pujols.xls Albert_Pujols-solutions.pdf CCSS: 7.RP.2, 8.EE.5, 8.F.4, HSA.CED.A.2, HSF.LE.A.2 You could also engage your students with creating the equations of these rates and making their judgments and observations from the graphs created. This could be a interesting way to explore the differences between a directly proportional… 0, 2

Macy’s Star Rewards Points

…the amount necessary to spend to come out $100 ahead. 8th graders and high school students can go through a similar process and focus more on thinking about inputs and outputs as well as the functional relationship between the variables. The activity can easily be extended to consider slope and y-intercept while studying linear relationships. The activity: Macy’sRewards.pdf CCSS 7.EE.3, 7.EE.4, 8.F.4, HSA.CED.A.1, HSA.CED.A.2, HSF.LE.A.2 For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions…. 0, 2

NFL draft picks 2017

…with where in the order they are selected. Older students can model and extrapolate the data with a quadratic, exponential or inverse function using our Excel file or our Desmos graph. This data is from the 2016 draft. You might ask students to predict what the graph of the 2017 or 2018 contracts might look like. How will it look similar or different from the 2016 graph? NFLdraft-pick-contract-price2016.pdf CCSS: 6.EE.9, 8.F.3, HSF.LE.A.1 NFLdraft-pick-contract-price2016.docx NFL-Draft2016.xlsx… 0, 2

How much should you spend on this sale?

…p you see which price points are the best deal? Act Three: Word doc, solutions and graphs. A great way to sum up the lesson is to ask kids… “if you are going to buy $74 worth of clothes then you might as well buy $______ worth of clothes.” For members we have editable word docs, Excel Files & Solutions: Discounts2014.docx Gap-data.xlsx discounts-solutions2014.pdf Solution-graphed.png CCSS:6.RP.3, 7.RP.3, 8.F.4, 8.F.5, HSF.LE.B.5, HSA.CED.A.3 Check out all current Yummymath lessons in one… 0, 2


…ny cans does it take to build this structure? What information do you need to determine this? How did you determine your solution? What else did you notice that is mathematical? The Activity: Canstruction2015.pdf CCSS: 4.MD.3, 6.EE.1, 5.MD.5, 7.G.6, HSF.LE.2, MP.2, MP.3, MP.7 Act Three: For members we have a detailed solution and teacher tip page: Canstruction2015-solution.pdf and the Word docx if you would like to change the activity: Canstruction2015.docx You can also find a different… 0, 2

Negative Exponents? Ugh

…reasoning. For these reasons MP.7 and MP.8 really jump out in this activity (as they do in many of our activities). Make sure to engage students in this process. The process should not be completely teacher directed. Students might try the problems themselves and then follow up with guided, teacher directed, whole class discussion. Technology Connection: Check out this Powers of Two GeoGebraTube App made by the Math Hombre, John Golden @mathhombre CCSS: 8.EE.1,HSF.LE.A.1, HSF.LE.A.2, MP7 The… 0, 4

Activities for Super Bowl and Groundhog Day

…The cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad has continued to rise. Is the rise linear, exponential, something else? Students graph and examine an exponential function, decide on the growth factor, and predict the future. 8.F.3, 8.F.5, 8.SP.1, HSS.ID.B.6a, HSF.LE.A.1, HSF.IF.C.8b Super Bowl Numerals – Roman Numerals, how they are used and surprisingly easy numerals arithmetic. 5.NBT, 6.NS, 7.NS Super Bowl Cheesy pretzel poppers – Students follow a recipe that involves cutting a block of cheese,… 0, 5

NFL Math Activities

…ve a home field advantage. 6.RP.1, 6.RP.2, 6.RP.3, 7.SP.4 NFL draft picks – Every spring, roughly 250 college football players are drafted by NFL teams through the NFL draft. How much does where they are drafted effect their earnings? 6.EE.9, 8.F.3, HSF.LE.A.1 4th down – It’s 4th down. Should you go for it? Punt? Kick a field goal? Instead of using your gut, use research, data and math to make the right call . 7.NS.1 , 7.NS.2 , 7.NS.3 , 7.SP.C.7 , HSS.MD.A.2 , HSS.MD.B.5 , HSS.MD.B.6 ,… 0, 2

Black Friday, football, and giving

…of creativity, engineering, and design as artists contribute cans of food for the shelters and food banks of their city. Students analyze, look for patterns, discuss solutions, and finally quantify the number of cans. 4.MD.3, 6.EE.1, 5.MD.5, 7.G.6, HSF.LE.2, MP.2, MP.3, MP.7 Black Friday again ( updated!) – Students calculate savings in dollars and percents as they analyze this year’s sales. 6.RP.3 , 7.EE.2, 7.EE3 Consumer Spending – Students look for patterns in an historical view of the… 0, 2