Penny Wars anew

Act One: Check out all of the pennies! What questions come to mind?

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If you want the most money, which container should you pick?

What information do you need to answer this question?  What assumptions must you make to solve this problem?

Act Two:  Study and annotate the enlarged picture of the penny jars: close-up-for-students.pdf

What is Juneteenth?

Language just updated!

You can appreciate why this is such a great celebration when you look at the stages and some of the events and dates of America moving towards freedom from slavery.

In this activity students read about the various ways freedom was promised to slaves in America until finally, freedom was gained ... July 19, 1865.

The activity: Juneteenth.pdf

Payday loans – What are they?

When you need a loan, and you're desperate for help, is a Payday loan a good idea?  What is a PayDay loan?  How is it different from a bank loan or a credit card loan?

Students learn about this kind of loan and examine how it compares with personal loans and debt on your credit card.  They analyze final payments and what the actual annual interest rate (APR) is.

Monopoly and summer games

In the board game, Monopoly, does a property’s distance from GO correlate to its rent when you land on it?

Using Brian’s spread sheet (list of properties, distance from GO, rent and rent with properties), students create scatter plots.  They graph points, draw lines of best fit, find average (X ,Y) values, judge outliers, and make predictions about new properties.