Justin Verlander’s lunch bill

In the 2017 World Series, the Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers and went on to play (and lose to) the Boston Red Sox in the finals.  Evidently the population of Los Angeles held a grudge with the Astro's pitcher, Jason Verlander.

Check out Justin Verlander's luncheon bill at an LA restaurant in August of that year.

Hurricanes again …


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In this updated hurricane activity, we've ask students to examine the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale and consider what other elements besides this ranking may contribute to the devastation that is caused by tropical storms.

Students read about hurricane classfications and calculate the possible increases in destruction from various scaled events.  Estimation, data analysis with graphs to study trends, damage expense, average frequency, and histogram are all part of this lesson.

The activity: hurricane2023.pdf

Jock tax 2023

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Great professional athletes make a lot of money. Did you know that professional athletes have to pay an amazing amount of federal, state, and sometimes even city tax?

Grant Williams, a Boston Celtic forward, was recently offered 48 million to stay in Boston but he opted to move to Texas and play with the Dallas Mavericks with their state tax rate of 0%.

The state tax rates in Washington, Florida and Texas are 0%.  Basketball star DeAndre Jordan made news when he walked away from a verbal agreement with the Dallas Mavericks for $80 million over 4 years to return to the L.A. Clippers for $88 million over 4 years.  Considering California has a state tax rate of 13.3% and Texas has a 0% state tax rate which deal would have made him more money after state taxes?  

Monarch’s are flying south again

In mid-August and early September, the Monarch butterflies begin their annual migration south to more moderate climates to hibernate and overwinter.  It is an incredibly long migration and fascinating to observe.  But, the population data on the Monarchs has seriously changed. Students and conservation groups can help the butterflies to be more successful in their journey.

In this activity students read charts, learn about the monarch life cycle, do a little research, and make observations about the decline of Monarchs.

What do you know about the Hawaiian islands?

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We’ve been watching news about the extreme wild fires, draught and winds that have devastated parts of the Hawaiian Islands. Let your students explore Hawaii and better understand its depths, heights, and origins as they compare maps and deduce info from charts.

The activity: Knowing-more-about Hawai'i.pdf

Will sending you back to school this year cost a fortune?

With high inflation rates, supply shortages, and rethinking what is essential spending, back to school spending might be different this year. Back-to-school spending is huge and students might not appreciate what it costs to send them back to, essentially, their job of learning.  In this activity students decide what equipment and supplies are necessary, estimate how much that will all cost, confer with classmates to refine their lists, and then research to find out more accurately how much it will probably cost to send them back to school.  This activity could be used for students in upper elementary school all the way to high school.  It offers an opportunity for kids to estimate, research, reason, calculate and communicate with each other. 

The activity: BackToSchoolCosts.pdf