Uh oh! Am I going to run out of data?

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Let your students consider the graphic first individually and then in groups of your choosing before handing out the activity sheet. This might be an excellent beginnng-of-the-year, get-to-know-each-other task!

 The activity: DataRemaining.pdf

CCSS: 6.RP.A, 7.RP.A, MP4

Should I get the Big One?

PotBellySandwiches copy

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 Let your students decide if the BIG one is a fair deal.  Click on the pic to enlarge and post on the wall.  Have kids pick a sandwich.  Which size will they get?  Which size offers the most value?  Make a guess, then do the math...

The activity: PotBelly.pdf

Layla’s antibiotics


The dosage of Layla's medication was confusing to our friend Kim.  How many days was she supposed to give Layla the meds?  How many pills does she need to cut into pieces?  Cute dog!

Fantasy Football

In the midst of another NFL season, we introduce students to Fantasy Football. Students first calculate football points given touchdowns, yardage gains and interceptions. They are then challenged to generalize an equation that gives a player's total fantasy points. Students solve equations as they try to find the number of passes, touchdowns, or interceptions that yield given point totals.  Students can also compete in their own fantasy football competition within the class.  This lesson is ideal for teachers that want to work on equations with their students or for a group of football fans.  You can also read one math teacher's experience with this lesson at her blog: MightyMiddleSchoolMath.

Will the new iPhone sales be huge?

Apple just announced their new, 10th anniversary, iPhones, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.  These phones will soon be in stores, the iPhone 8 comes out on September 22, 2017. The iPhone X is available as of November 3rd.  What will their record sales be like this time?  How many iPhones will they sell?

In this activity students explore past iPhone sales by year and try to predict how many iPhone 7's, 8's, and X's will be sold during the 2017 sales year as well as in the future.

BIG Snickers bar

GiantSnicker'sBar Wow!  This snickers bar is huge!

Act 1 - Big question = How many times bigger than a regular Snickers bar is this?

  • What info would you like to know?
  • How are you going to judge how much bigger this is ... weight, dimensions, volume?