New baby giraffe

Willow at Baltimore, MD Zoo

Willow weighed 125 pounds at birth and was 6 feet 1 inch tall.  She will grow to her adult height of around 14 feet tall in only four years! How big would you be if you grew at her rate until you reached adulthood?  In this activity students work with rates, ratios and proportions as the consider the difference in growth rates between humans and giraffes.  You can get the activity going with this super cute video below.

Iditarod 2017

The Iditarod Dog Sled Race begins on Saturday, March 4th in Anchorage, Alaska. This long and grueling competition is called the Last Great Race on Earth. Students do some rate, distance, and hardship comparisons to decide if they agree that the Iditarod is really the Last Great Race on Earth.

Dallas Seavey drops down the bank onto the Yukon River shortly after leaving the village checkpoint of Ruby at sunset in Interior Alaska during the 2010 Iditarod

Dallas Seavey drops down the bank onto the Yukon River shortly after leaving Ruby at sunset in Interior Alaska during the 2010 Iditarod

Mardi gras – Fat Tuesday


Tuesday, February 28, 2017, will be the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of the season of Lent.  Mardi Gras is a last hoorah and is celebrated throughout the world with feasting, partying, and general indulgence.  In New Orleans revelers throw and collect purple, green, and gold beads.

Students get a chance to examine the monetary and environmental cost of this bead exuberance with our unit pricing and recycling activity.

Movies and the upcoming Oscars

oscarHighest Grossing Movies - Let your students develop their own ideas about compounded percent change while they have the opportunity to speak about the upcoming Academy Awards show. Worldwide box office income is compared for the top ten grossing movies of all time. Is total gross the most appropriate way to judge the popularity of a movie?  How does inflation and increasing ticket prices come into play? Inflation rates are used to let students calculate how the money of 1997 compares to the money of 2013. Students see for themselves what exponential growth means.

Will this be a leap year?


Will we have a 29th of February this year?  How can you tell?

Students work with a flow chart to deduce what years are going to be leap years.  They learn about the exact measurement of a solar year and how our Gregorian calendar needs to be adjusted to accurately align the calendar with the Earth's revolutions around the Sun.

Do better movies make the most money?

Newly updated!

Do the "Best" movies make the most money?  How could you measure the "best" movie?

What information would you need to make this judgement?

Ten movies are nominated each year to receive an Oscar for the Best Picture. On February 26, 2017, this year's Academy Award winners will be announced.  This activity is always timely but should be very exciting during the movie award season in February.