Leslie’s Math Art Activities

9th-stellated-icosahedron How to Build Polyhedra     Give your students simple instructions and picture guides for creating about 40 polyhedra.

Teaching Mathematics with Art   Engage your students with projects that help them visualize mathematics.  This site shows 4 projects that can be used at middle or high school levels. Lovely examples of students' work and project instructions for the teacher are included.

Polyhedra     A Quicktime movie and descriptions of the final creations of  8th grade students. The polyhedra shown are the results of a two week at-home assignment. Their creations are lovely.

Data_Analysis_Checkup    Your students will be reminded of  what they have learned about line plots, box and whisker graphs, stem and leaf plots and Mean Absolute Deviation. They can learn the material as new, review terms, practice skills, or skip the sections where they have confidence. Four nightly assignments are included. We use this site for MCAS review.

Recognizing Special Numbers    These are practice drill for becoming familiar with the perfect squares (from 1² to 25²), the perfect cubes (from 1³ to 10³), and Pythagorean Triples.

Graph Aerobics  This PowerPoint music presentation lets students use their bodies to pose as different first and second degree graph shapes while moving with music. This activity can be used after students have completed a unit on graphing and have had opportunities to stand and try to pose their arms to demonstrate Y = X, Y = X², Y = X² - 4, etcetera. Very fun and slightly silly.

Hospital Clock   This site is a visual presentation of Theo May's clock geometry. Mr. May had the opportunity to do mental math with the only entertainment in his hospital room, a clock. He creates an analysis of the exact times when clock hands coincide, are at given angles to each other, or are symmetric around different clock axes. This is an excellent enrichment study for geometry or algebra students dealing with pursuit problems.