About us

brianBrian Marks is an instructional math coach in Newton, Massachusetts. He collaborates with and provides professional development for math and special education teachers.  Brian taught math for ten years before becoming a math coach.  He is the co-creator of yummymath.com, a resource that provides teachers with engaging real world math problems.  He is interested in how we can increase student engagement, critical thinking and discourse in the math classroom. When he isn't at work, Brian enjoys writing real world, problem-based math activities and spending time with his wife and six-year old son.  He has presented at NCTM and ATMIM conferences on implementing rich, real world math activities.       contact Brian

leslie2Leslie Lewis is a retired mathematics teacher who is the webmaster for this site. She is the other co-creator of yummymath.com. Her special interest is in using art to help make mathematics beautiful, visual, and engaging for students. She too has mathematical creations that she hopes will help you motivate and interest students. You can find her other work by visiting:  https://www.ldlewis.com/.              contact Leslie

We've created Yummy Math to provide teachers with an easy way to bring real-life into their math classrooms. It is our belief that when math is explored in contexts that are familiar and of interest to students, students will be more engaged to do math, reason, think critically, question and communicate.  Our activities are written to correspond with the NCTM Process Standards and the CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice. You can read what our users have said here.

We've kept the site updated with multiple activities per week since March 2010 at no charge to teachers. If you have used our material, please consider making a donation to help us continue bringing meaningful mathematics to you and your students. Thank you.