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Negative Exponents? Ugh

…udents skip ahead several inputs and are forced to consider a rule to model the situation. Next we ask students to think about how they might work backwards. If you know the height of a plant during its 9th month, how can you find it’s height at the 8th and 7th months. Finally we ask them to consider how tall these plants were before they were purchased (again assuming that they were growing at the same rate). Students use this context to see the pattern of powers and develop an understanding… 0, 1

Macy’s Star Rewards Points

Macy's Sale

…ent. For example, after working through several examples, they might notice and create the equation y = 0.1(x) – 25. From there they might consider equations like 100 = 0.1x – 25 in order to find the amount necessary to spend to come out $100 ahead. 8th graders and high school students can go through a similar process and focus more on thinking about inputs and outputs as well as the functional relationship between the variables. The activity can easily be extended to consider slope and… 0, 1

Do teams that spend a lot win a lot?

…The NHL data sets itself up nicely for a line of best fit. We have two different activity guides. Data for both activities: BasketballStats.pdf FootballStats.pdf HockeyStats.pdf BaseballStats.pdf For middle school students, the lesson focuses on the 8th grade CCSS around scatter plots, association, outliers and clusters. Payrolls-vs-wins.pdf CCSS: 5.G.1, 5.G.2, 6.SP.2, 6.SP.5, 8.SP.1, 8.SP.2, 8.SP.3, HSS.ID.6 For high school students the lesson focuses on high school CCSS, such as correlation… 0, 1

What’s your favorite sport?

…to play to least favorite to play. Then they rank the same list of sports from favorite to watch to least favorite to watch. Students take the rank for each sport and plot the points on the grid. One example is pictured below. This activity targets 8th grade and/or high school to scatter plot standards and can be easily adapted for younger students, say 5th grade, to introduce or practice graphing in one quadrant. The activity: WhatsYourFavoriteSport.pdf For members we have an editable Word… 0, 1

4th down

…ut together in an article called “The 4th Down Study” by Brian Burke, a football fan and closet math enthusiast. We have two activity ideas. Younger students … 4th through 7th grade can try our graph reading activity. Older students … 7th grade, 8th grade, and high school can learn how this graph was created. Even if you teach older students, you might chose to do the elementary version. Here is a link to little video of a team recently going for it on 4th down (youtube link) And check out… 0, 1

Thank you, mother and father, for all of those diapers

…more ambiguous. By using the activity in this way, students can engage more in MP1, MP2 and MP4. You can then go back and give some of the follow-up questions later separately. The original activity was written by and shared with us by Andy Fehlner, 8th grade algebra teacher in Newton, MA. Thanks for sharing this timely activity with us, Mr. Fehlner! Want to see student work? The Blog: “Teaching Math Rocks” changed the title of the activity for High School students and they have provided… 0, 1

Is the Electoral College unfair?

Show your students this really cute segment comparing how the Electoral College functions in our elections to what students think is fair and just. From the New York Times, Electoral College 101. After showing the video consider asking your students what the grouping of students must have been for “colored pencils” to win the class electoral college? Is there more than one possibility? What is the minimum number of students that could have voted for colored pencils for them to still win the… 0, 0

3 winners on the Price is Right – what are the chances?

Act One: Show this clip of the recent Price is Right program. What questions do your students have? We were wondering what the chances are of 3 contestants in a row, each spinning $1.00, and earning $1,000 each. Act Two: What info would be useful? The contestants are lined up by their winnings from lowest to highest. The object of the game is to come as close to $1.00 as you can without going over $1.00. If a contestant spins over $1.00 they lose the game. Each player will take up to two… 0, 0

Is the Electoral College vote similar to the Popular vote?

Picture from RationalWiki The winner of the Presidential Popular vote (November 8, 2016) is not always the same as the winner of the Electoral College vote (January 6, 2017). In this activity students ponder how that could happen … with data. electoral-college-compare2016.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. electoral-college-compare2016.docx electoral-college-compare-solutions2016.pdf CCSS: 6.RP.A, 7.RP.A, HSF, HSS.ID.A We have 3 more Presidential election… 0, 0


One of my favorite foods is a burrito. One of my favorite places to get a burrito is Chipotle. Their food is delicious and environmentally friendly. For Halloween 2016, Chipotle is again running a promotion and charity drive. Chipotle is offering $3 burritos to customer who come dressed in their Halloween costumes after 3 p.m. on October 31st. Chipotle will donate up to one million dollars to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation. Teachers, give your students time to ponder and discuss these… 0, 0

Cubs bury curse !

Wow! It’s been a long time coming. The Chicago Cubs just won the World Series! The last time they won the World Series was in 1908 (For some perspective, that is the same time the first car, the Model T, was produced.) Since 1908, how long has that been? How many players have waited? How many games or innings have gone by? How many days, minutes, seconds? In this activity students answer some of these or their own questionsabout how much of something has gone by since the Cubs won the World… 0, 0

Fantastic Beasts – What did it cost to make?

Clicking on this poster will show it larger in a new window. In 2001, J.K.Rowling (the author of the Harry Potter series) wrote Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie of this book opened on November 18th, 2016. This is the first in a series of three movies that are meant to take place 70 years before the Harry Potter series began. “Beasts” was produced by David Heyman, the same producer that created the other Potter movies. In this activity students use the average cost of making… 0, 0

Fall equinox

Thursday, September 22nd of this year will be the Autumnal Equinox. It is the time of year when the imaginary plane that might pass through the Earth’s Equator would also travel through the center of the Sun. At this auspicious moment the number of sunlight hours and night time hours are about the same all over the Earth. In the Northern Hemisphere we move into the Fall season. We love the seasons and Ecliptic animation from the Magic of Physics site. Below is a screen shot of the applet. By… 0, 0

Another year of Never Ending Pasta

On September 15, 2016, Olive Garden again offered a $100 pass for never-ending pasta, bread sticks, salad and coca cola soft drinks. The 21,000 patrons who quickly (in less than a minute) bought all of the passes will be entitled to as much pasta as they like (with toppings) from October 3 to November 20. Ask the class to consider these questions: Is this a good deal for patrons? What are the pros and cons? Will Olive Garden go broke? Is this good for the restaurant chain? Is the pass priced… 0, 0

Extra Point or 2-Point Conversion?

In 2015 the NFL changed the extra point kick distance to 33 yards and now teams have a tough decision to make, go for one or two points? The one point extra point is no longer a given with a success rate of about 94%. Teams can go for two by trying to get the ball in the end zone from the two yard line. Teams have been successful at two-point conversions in the past about 50% of the time. So we ask students, which does it make more sense to do? Given the data, should teams go for one or two… 0, 0