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Immigration numbers

…Use our data to do some analysis about the issues and changes in immigration policy and numbers. This could be a very interesting day of mathematics. Immigration.pdf For members we have an editable Word docx and teacher suggestions. Immigration.docx Immigration-teacher-ideas.pdf CCSS: 6.RP, 7.RP, 6th, 7th, 8th, HS… 0, 1

Drill Bit Fractions

…d be we assume students are thinking in whole numbers. If appropriate for your class or particular students you could open the numerator to all rational numbers. CCSS: 3.NF.3, 4.NF.1, 4.NF.2 The activity in print: Drill_Bit_Fractions.pdf And for members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. Drill_Bit_Fractions.docx Drill_Bit_Fractions_Solutions.pdf Check out all current Yummymath lessons in one place at our Bird's Eye View page. I shared this with my 6th grade colleague. He used it and… 0, 1

An ounce of cola

…students find costs of gasoline, milk and cola when presented in the metric system. Which was easier or more efficient, comparing quantities in metric or in U.S. units? Interesting discoveries and discussion should ensue. Thanks to Joe Laskowski, a 6th grade math teacher from Bloomfield, CT, sent us this great unit pricing activity. Also, thanks to Sniff Programming for the idea of incorporating in the U.S. units versus metric units portion of the task. The activity: Cola-by-Ounce.pdf CCSS:… 0, 1

Highest grossing movies

…to let students calculate how the money of 1997 compares to the money of 2013. The idea of this comparison is to encourage students to develop their own understanding of exponential growth. This activity is accessible to students as young as 5th or 6th grade once they have become familiar with computing with exponents and percents. The activity is appropriate for middle schoolers and high schoolers as well by allowing students to generalize a formula for finding the adjusted-for-inflation… 0, 1

Collecting the most candy!

…tudent’s Halloween enthusiasm to do a study on volumes. We’ve created an activity that asks students to calculate the volume of candy containers that are silly and intriguing. Skip the cone and the sphere to make this activity more useful for 5th or 6th graders or include the whole activity to challenge with a little bit of percent work. Teachers might consider showing the students the images of candy containers above and asking students which they guess would hold the most candy. (You can show… 0, 1

Starbucks, 2012

Time to give students some authentic math on a topic they will surely be interested in … Starbucks. We ask and answer a few questions in this activity. About how many drinks does Starbucks sell in a year? If I want to be health conscious, are there certain drinks that are healthier or less healthy for me? How much does the type of milk or whether or not I get whipped cream in my drink really matter?Let students explore these questions, while they problem solve and reason with numbers in our… 0, 0

Electoral College vs the Popular vote

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com Let your students see how votes really count with our activity on the Electoral College. Can someone win the popular vote in the Presidential election and still not become President of the United States? Students can first watch a really cute movie comparing how the Electoral College functions in our elections to what students think is fair and just, from the New York Times, Electoral College 101. You might also find it useful to play around… 0, 0

Cost of light bulbs – updated!

Finally updated! There's a lot of misinformation out there about the cost to consumers of CFL and LED bulbs and the savings in energy and money that could be realized. Let your students "do the math" and realize some of the profit that could be made by changing our ways. This activity makes for a great activity for Earth Day or really any other day of the year. Lots of math to be explored including work with decimals operations, order of operations, graphing, systems and piecewise functions…. 0, 0

Bits, bytes, and nibbles

Clicking on the image will show it larger. I'm not very good at understanding how large my device capacities are and how big the files that I want to download are in comparison. I decided to practice with the numbers a bit to try to get a better understanding. Perhaps you and your students need some practice with this as well? Try it out. Bits&Nibbles.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions. Bits&Nibbles.doc Bits&Nibbles-solutions.pdf CCSS: 5.NBT.2, 6.EE.1,… 0, 0

Ghost Whisperer

Let your students play this great game online at Ghost Whisperer Crystal Ball and Figure out why it works. Construct viable arguments Critique the work of others This activity can be used with any grade level elementary through high school. Younger students might work with patterns, multiples and order of operations. Older students might work with systems of equations to prove how the Ghost Whisperer works. The lesson was contributed by Joe Donahue who teaches at Santa Ynez School in Santa… 0, 0

Christmas tree lights – How many do I need?

Check out our Christmas Tree. You need to buy lights for the tree. Without calculating, guess how many feet of lights you will need. What information do you need to better estimate the number of feet of lights that you need? (Give students time to consider what info they have and what they need) Activity is here for your class: ChristmasTree.pdf CCSS: HSG.MG.A.1, MP.1, MP.2, MP.3, MP.4 For members we have an editable Word doc of this activity and a solution with teacher guide below…. 0, 0

Peak of Hurricane season

The official Atlantic hurricane season started on June 1 and doesn’t end until November 30th. Encourage your students to join the conversation, knowledgeably, by using Brian’s latest creation. Students read about hurricane classfications and calculate the possible increases in destruction from various scaled events. Estimation, data analysis with graphs to study trends, damage expense, average frequency, and histogram are all part of this lesson. CCSS: 6.SP.3 , 6.SP.4 , 6.SP.5 , S-ID.1… 0, 0

Video game download

How long will it take me to download the video game? This can be done as a 3 Act Task. To get started simply show the video and following picture to your class. ACT ONE: I decided to download a couple demo video games from the Wii online store. Both of the games are free demo versions that I download directly to my Wii console. Check out the video and pic below: Note: Blocks refers to the size of the game, like megabytes.   Now I want to download the game Bit.Trip Runner. Below is a… 0, 0

At least the days are getting longer

Clicking on this image will take you to to the University of Nebraska's astronomy simulation in a new window. What's your guess as to how fast the number of daylight hours will change each day from now until June 21st? Will the changes be dramatic? Will the lengthening days be only a subtle change? Students make guesses; compute how long, on average, the change in daylight hours should be; play with a cool piece of comparison technology; and finally understand the variability in our year of… 0, 0

Veterans Day

As Veterans Day approaches, let your students learn about and appreciate the meaning of the day by analyzing the powerful data that we’ve supplied. Students can use our numbers to create questions for their classmates … questions that can emphasize the tremendous gift of all those who have served in our armed forces. Teachers, feel free to use our data to create an investigation of your own devising. Each year we update these documents to show current numbers. There are now no living WW1 vets… 0, 0