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An ounce of cola

…students find costs of gasoline, milk and cola when presented in the metric system. Which was easier or more efficient, comparing quantities in metric or in U.S. units? Interesting discoveries and discussion should ensue. Thanks to Joe Laskowski, a 6th grade math teacher from Bloomfield, CT, sent us this great unit pricing activity. Also, thanks to Sniff Programming for the idea of incorporating in the U.S. units versus metric units portion of the task. The activity: Cola-by-Ounce.pdf CCSS:… 0, 1

Which is better … original movies or their sequels?

…heir sequels. Students see what they can conclude from various types of graphs and consider what size random sampling of movies and their sequels is an adequate, representative population of movies. This is a very open ended activity that will allow 6th or 7th graders to conduct data analysis at one level: measures of central tendency & variability, box plots,histograms ect. While high school students might work with greater sophistication, doing some of the same work as middle school… 0, 1

Total solar eclipse – apparent sizes

…ely? We’ve created a pretty extensive investigation about the geometry of a solar eclipse and the apparent size of both the moon and sun as seen from the earth. This activity can be done with or without trigonometry so it is appropriate for students 6th grade and higher. Get your students ready. Never look directly at the sun without ISO and CE certified solar eclipse glasses. The activity: 2017SolarEclipse.pdf CCSS: 6.RP.3, 7.G.1, 7.RP.2, HSG.SRT.C.6, HSG.SRT.C.8, HSG.SRT.D.11 MP.2, MP.3 For… 0, 1

How Much is a Tweet Worth?

…e activity with the graphic and/or the opening minute of the video clip from ESPN. Since the data is roughly proportional and linear, this activity could be used in a variety of ways. We could assume the relationship is roughly proportional, meaning 6th and 7th graders could work in the realm of 6.RP and 7.RP with this problem. The data is extremely linear, almost a perfect correlation, so you could use this activity as a way to introduce linear relationships or focus more on building a line of… 0, 1

Collecting the most candy!

…tudent’s Halloween enthusiasm to do a study on volumes. We’ve created an activity that asks students to calculate the volume of candy containers that are silly and intriguing. Skip the cone and the sphere to make this activity more useful for 5th or 6th graders or include the whole activity to challenge with a little bit of percent work. Teachers might consider showing the students the images of candy containers above and asking students which they guess would hold the most candy. (You can show… 0, 1

Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, 2016

…ns including Angry Bird, Red, and from two year’s ago, the Wizard of Oz balloon. Very fun and timely with lots of Common Core standards addressed. Try the whole activity or any of the different tasks in the activity with your class. Bob Olsen, a 5th/6th grade math teacher from Illinois, sent us this activity a few year ago. We’ve updated it again this year with the parade’s current facts and balloons. CCSS: 4.NBT.4 , 4.MD.1, 4.MD.2, 5.NBT.6, 5.MD.1, 5.MD.5b, 6.NS.3, 7.NS.3, 7.G.1, HSG.MG.1… 0, 1

Highest grossing movies

…to let students calculate how the money of 1997 compares to the money of 2013. The idea of this comparison is to encourage students to develop their own understanding of exponential growth. This activity is accessible to students as young as 5th or 6th grade once they have become familiar with computing with exponents and percents. The activity is appropriate for middle schoolers and high schoolers as well by allowing students to generalize a formula for finding the adjusted-for-inflation… 0, 1

Soda Menorah

Happy Holidays! This Soda Menorah was on display in a Florida Target store. It is made up entirely of 12-packs of Coca-Cola products. What questions do you have? Clicking on this image will show it larger in a new window. Start out the activity by giving kids 30 seconds to look at the picture and have them take a quick guess: How many twelve packs of soda make up this giant menorah? Guess without counting. Come up with a reasonable range for the number of twelve packs = guesses that are too… 0, 0

Dark days, Winter solstice

…Students appreciate how their latitude effects the darkness of their late afternoon location as they study the earth’s tilt and the logic of daylight hours. The activity: winter-solstice2016.pdf CCSS: 7.G.3, HSG.C, HSG.GMD.4, HSG.MG.1 For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. winter-solstice2016.docx winter-solstice2016-solution.pdf… 0, 0

Maybe we should encourage bats instead of bug repellent

Bats eat mosquitoes … lots of mosquitoes. Students compare a bat’s weight to how much he can consume in one night. They calculate how much they would need to eat to consume a comparable proportion of food. We compare the amount that an entire bat cave would eat in one night with the tremendous load of a giant dump truck. Unbelievable! Mosquito-capacity-of-feeding-bats.pdf CCSS: 6.RP.A, 7.RP.A For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions. Mosquito-capacity-of-feeding-bats.docx… 0, 0

Measuring sea level

What does this gizmo do? We’ve given students a diagram of what the interior of this mechanism contains and asked them to try to decide what its purpose must be. Then we’ve given them the data that was collected from this place and others globally and asked what they can conclude. A little mechanical and mathematical investigation + global awareness. The activity: GlobalSeaLevels.pdf CCSS: 6.RP.3, 7.RP.1, 8.EE.B.5, 8.F.B.4, HSS.ID.C.7, HSF.IF.B.6, MP8 For members we have an editable Word… 0, 0

Jackie Robinson

The movie “42” is the story of Jackie Robinson, a baseball player who became the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball since the game was segregated in the 1890’s. Robinson broke the baseball color barrier when the Brooklyn Dodgers started him in April, 1947. He contributed to the civil right’s movement and paved the way for African-Americans to be accepted into professional sports. He went on to have a great ten year career in Major League Baseball and was later inducted… 0, 0

Shopping season begins!

…Friday, November 23rd marks the beginning of the holiday shopping craze. Students will be able to add some understanding and analysis to those shopping trips after calculating savings in dollars and percents with this very timely investigation. shopping-season.pdf CCSS: 6.RP.3 , 7.EE.2 , 7.EE.3 For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions. shopping-season.doc shopping-season-solutions.pdf… 0, 0


There have been a lot of cruise ship mishaps and disasters this year. While these are in the news, let your students consider how these floating cities manage their resources and which of their needs are precarious as they calculate the per day and per cruise requirements. There’s plenty of room here for some fun extentions using our sewage numbers. Let us know of your ideas (or the kids)! Cruising.pdf For members we have an editable Word doc and solutions. Cruising.doc Cruising-solutions.pdf… 0, 0


Act One: Take a look at the pic. What questions come to mind? Just before Thanksgiving there is an annual demonstration at the Winter Palace in the World Financial Center of New York City. Canstruction is a celebration of design, of engineering, and of donating time, talent and food to the hungry. At the end of the exhibit all the amazing creations are dismantled and thousands of cans of food are given to hungry people via soup kitchens, food banks, shelters and senior homes. Canstruction, Inc… 0, 0