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4th down

…th down bot from the NY Times. It weighs in on each 4th down decision from recent games. The activities: 4th_Down_Elementary.pdf & a more advanced version: 4th_Down.pdf For members: 4th_Down_Elementary.doc 4th_Down_Elementary_Solutions.pdf & 4th_Down.doc & 4th_Down_Solutions.pdf CCSS: 7.NS.1 , 7.NS.2 , 7.NS.3 , 7.SP.C.7 , HSS.MD.A.2 , HSS.MD.B.5 , HSS.MD.B.6 , HSS.MD.B.7 Plus here are some other NFL math activities! Watson Saves – Watch the video with your class and use our activity… 1, 15

Soda Santa

Soda Santa

…k at the picture and have them take a quick guess: How many twelve packs of soda make up the Santa? Guess without calculating. Come up with a reasonable range for the number of twelve packs. Numbers that are too high and too low. Students in 3rd and 4th grade can focus on the picture in terms of area or arrays. No matter the grade level, your students might have many different methods for finding the number of 12 packs or cans in this display. Let kids have an opportunity to find the number of… 0, 1

Fibonacci coloring

Lots of people enjoy coloring books. Fibonacci lattice Golden spiral Pentagram and Golden triangles Evidently people who like to multitask can find a means of calming their energies and reach a peaceful place by simply coloring designs. Coloring in these drawings allows you to relax and just create pretty images without worrying about being artistic or the stress that a blank canvas might bring you. We’ve given you colorless patterns that students can shade their own way and a lesson on… 0, 0

Cubs bury curse !

Wow! It’s been a long time coming. The Chicago Cubs just won the World Series! The last time they won the World Series was in 1908 (For some perspective, that is the same time the first car, the Model T, was produced.) Since 1908, how long has that been? How many players have waited? How many games or innings have gone by? How many days, minutes, seconds? In this activity students answer some of these or their own questionsabout how much of something has gone by since the Cubs won the World… 0, 0

Pick-a-brick wall at the Lego store

Clicking on this image will show it larger in a new window. There are walls at the Lego stores that are filled with individual Lego parts. You can fill a bucket and pick out exactly what you need. Use this PowerPoint activity to get your students conferring with each other, making guesses, and explaining their reasoning. Students try to determine the number of Lego bins on this giant wall. Students think about arrays and multiplication as they consider a reasonable quantity of Lego bins in… 0, 0

Is 2017 prime?

…Every birthday I consider whether I’m in the prime of my life … like when I was 29 years old. Will this new year be a prime year? I hope so. Don’t use Google or Siri or whatever. Just see if you can figure this out and explain your reasoning. The activity: PrimeYear.pdf CCSS: 4.OA.B.4, 5.NF.B.5.a For members we have an editable Word docx and solutions with hints. PrimeYear.docx PrimeYear-solution.pdf… 0, 0

Civil rights marches, how do you count a crowd?

Clicking on the image will show it larger in a new window. On October 16, 1995, perhaps a million black men gathered for the Million Man March on Washington. This was 32 years after Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his historic “I have a dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial to 250,000 civil rights supporters. The National Park Service, who is responsible for overseeing the logistics of having a rally on the Mall, estimated that only 400,000 men had attended. This was widely disputed at the time…. 0, 0

Fun and crazy things to do for April Fools day

…We have two classic puzzles for your April 1st class starters. PerplexingOne.pdf PerplexingTwo.pdf CCSS: MP.1, MP3,4.OA, 5.G, 8.EE, 8.SP For members we have solutions. PerplexingOne-solution.pdf PerplexingTwo-solution.pdf Or you might baffle and amaze your students with our Ghost Whisperer lesson. They will think you are pulling one over on them until they figure out the math! Another great April Fool’s day activity would be Robert Kaplinsky’s Foil Prank…. 0, 0

How much pee is in that pool?

After chlorination, it has been hard to measure the quantity of pollutants in pool water. A Canadian chemist, Xing-Fang Li, has found a marker for urine that chlorine doesn’t disguise. In this activity, students calculate volume of several pools, change that cubic foot volume to gallons of pool water, and try to approximate how much urine is in each pool. You might kick this activity off with this silly clip from the 2010 movie Grown Ups, where Kevin James is caught peeing in the pool…. 0, 0

Big Papi

Check out the video: What do you wonder? How many donuts make up this Big Papi tribute? What would be useful to help you figure this out? The following pictures that will open in new windows: Big Papi Sky View, Big Papi Head & Shoulders, Low angle pic, The number 4, and From above. Pics from WBZ, WCSH & Dunkin Donuts. Show students the video, take wonderings & questions. Give kids Student Activity Handout: Be sure to give page 1 first. Then give out the rest of the activity after… 0, 0

Pixar versus DreamWorks

Animated films are a billion dollar industry. The two biggest producers of animated films are DreamWorks and Pixar. The two have been going head to head for more than ten years now. So how do they stack up to each other? Which company is making more money on their films? According to critics, which company makes the better films? Conflict is created as students have to decide which animated movie company, DreamWorks or Pixar, has been more successful. Depending on grade level, students might… 0, 0

Longest NHL overtime games in history

Game one of the 2013 Stanley Cup between the Bruins and Blackhawks went into 3 overtimes. People stayed up way too late to watch the conclusion. The teams played 112 minutes and eight seconds of game time. The game went from about 7:15 central time to midnight central time. Did you know that Stanley Cup Playoff matches can last a really long time?There are usually few goals scored in hockey matches and a playoff match can not be finished as a tie. This has resulted in some very long NHL… 0, 0

Launch of the next ISS crew

If all goes well, the next crew of the International Space Station (the ISS) will launch on Sunday, Novemeber 13, 2011 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Keep your student informed and excited about what is happening above our planet by letting them calculate the roominess of the Soyuz transport as compared to our retired Shuttles. Students analyze the costs and capacities of the two vehicles (Shuttle and Soyuz) and come to some conclusions, as our space agency did, about the kind of… 0, 0

Flag Art

A little ratio art might be a fun way to get ready for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. In this activity students measure; create whole number ratios for the official U.S. flag; decide how our artistic flags will be different from the official flag; make stars from regular pentagons, and finally create a flag design in honor of Memorial Day. The activity: Flags.pdf CCSS: 4.NBT, 4.NFB, 5.NBT, 5.NF.B, 6.RP.1, 6.RP.2, 6.RP.3, 7.RP.1, 7.RP.2, 7.G.1 Pentagon Cut-outs: SmallPentagons.pdf… 0, 0

Pascal coloring and modular math

This is the third and final activity in the Pascal’s Triangle series. In this activity students again have the opportunity to color as they investigate Pascal’s triangle and the patterns that it shows. The activity might be used first in class and then that evening for homework. Pascal’s Triangle is explored for patterns, coloring, and motivation to learn about modular arithmetic or clock math. Introduction&day1.pdf ModularArithmetic&day2.pdf Hexagon-grid.pdf CCSS: 3.OA, 4.OA, 5.OA,… 0, 0